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June 29 Energy News

June 29, 2022


¶ “We Don’t Need Base Load Power” • Base load power often supplies the electricity in the middle of the night, but we can use power from other sources instead. The issue is not technical. It is just a matter of cost. Because of low battery costs, our electricity can be cheaper and better. We can use them, save money, and have a better system. [CleanTechnica]

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¶ “No Miracle Tech Needed: How To Switch To Renewables Now And Lower Costs Doing It” • The world is seeing unprecedented fuel price increases, energy blackmail between countries, up to 7 million air pollution deaths per year and one climate-related disaster after another. But a Stanford report says the issues can be addressed at low cost using available resources. [The Hill]

Science and Technology:

¶ “Severe Space Weather: What The Sun Taketh Away, It Can Give Back” • A recent story at Wired shows us a very frightening reason we should look into making our own electricity at home: coronal mass ejections. Just one problem such a thing can cause is fried transformers. The grid would be down until they can be fixed, and that could a very long time. [CleanTechnica]

Coronal mass ejection (NASA, CC-BY-SA 2.0)


¶ “Sri Lanka Petrol: Why Is The Country In An Economic Crisis?” • Sri Lanka doesn’t have enough foreign currency to pay for imports, including petrol and diesel. It found it had less than a week’s worth of fuel left for essential services like buses, trains and medical vehicles, so it is halting sales of fuel to ordinary people until 10 July. [BBC]

¶ “Green Hydrogen In Play For Airbus Hydrogen Hub Scheme” • Airbus has just signed an agreement with the global industrial gas firm Linde to help carry out a plan to develop hydrogen hubs at airports around the world. There are different ways to bring this about, including some that are entirely free of all polluting emissions. [CleanTechnica]

Airbus concept airplane (Airbus image)

¶ “SSE Calls For 7-GW Irish Offshore Target” • Ireland must increase its climate goal from its current 5-GW target of offshore wind by 2030 to a more ambitious 7 GW, according to SSE Renewables. The call was made by SSE Renewables’ director of offshore wind Maria Ryan at Energy Ireland 2022, Ireland’s Decade of Delivery conference. [reNews]

¶ “European Council Reaches Agreement On Its Renewable Energy Directive” • The European Council agreed to set a new binding EU-wide target of 40% of energy coming from renewable sources in the overall energy mix by 2030, up from the previous 32% target. Energy production and use account for 75% of the EU’s emissions, the EC said. [PV Tech]

Offshore wind farm (Nicholas Doherty, Unsplash)

¶ “Solar, Wind Exceed 10% Power Generation In 2021” • Wind and solar accounted for a 10.2% share of power generation in 2021, the first time these technologies have provided more than 10% of global power, whilst also surpassing nuclear energy, according to BP. Solar and wind capacity continued to grow rapidly in 2021, increasing by 226 GW. [reNews]

¶ “Australia Can Slash Industrial Emissions, Create Jobs” • The Setting Up Industrial Regions For Net Zero Report, produced in collaboration with some of Australia’s largest industries, outlines opportunities to cut industrial climate change emissions to a fraction of their current level and create hundreds of thousands of jobs. [Australian Renewable Energy Agency]

Yara Fertiliser’s Pilbara facility


¶ “Fossil Fuel Industry Cut Jobs In 2021 Despite Growth In Production, DOE Reports” • Jobs in the renewable energy sector grew in 2021, but fossil fuel employment declined, even as fossil fuel production increased, a DOE report says. EV and hybrid sectors showed a “whopping” 25% job growth. Jobs for fossil fuel extraction declined by 12%. [CNN]

¶ “Tesla Building Standard Range And Long Range Model Y In Austin” • Drive Tesla Canada reports that Tesla may be operating two Model Y production lines at its gigafactory in Austin. One is for the dual-motor Long Range version that has also been the base version of the Model Y, and one is for a new dual-motor Standard Range 279 mile version. [CleanTechnica]

Tesla Model Y Long Range (Courtesy of Tesla)

¶ “NC Supreme Court: HOAs Cannot Prohibit Solar Installs” • A North Carolina homeowner installed solar on his roof. This angered the Home Owners’ Association management, which took action. The issue went to court, and in the end, the state supreme court ruled that HOAs cannot use rules to prohibit the installation of solar power. [CleanTechnica]

¶ “CS Energy, Castillo Engineering, And Amp Energy Partner To Deliver 25.4-MW Community Solar Portfolio In New York” • CS Energy, Castillo Engineering, and Amp Energy announced that they have partnered on a portfolio of 25.4 MW of community solar projects in upstate New York. The projects range from 3.9 MW to 6.2 MW. [CleanTechnica]

Solar array in New York (Courtesy of CS Energy)

¶ “Groundbreaking California Rule Transforms How Renewables Connect To The Grid” • A decision from the California Public Utilities Commission marks a significant milestone by greatly simplifying the interconnection process for distributed energy resources, like solar and batteries, and providing transparency for project developers. [CleanTechnica]

¶ “McKee Signs Bill For RI To Reach All-Renewable Electricity By 2033” • Rhode Island Gov Dan McKee is to sign a bill that will require 100% of Rhode Island’s electricity be offset by renewable production by 2033, a spokesperson from McKee’s office said. The bill codifies a similar executive order signed by former Gov Gina Raimondo in January 2021. [Patch]

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