March 18 Energy News

March 18, 2022


¶ “EU: Help Households, Take Socially Just Measures, Don’t Cut Taxes For Wealthy SUV Drivers” • As EU economics and finance ministers meet to discuss high energy costs and fuel taxes, T&E urges governments to avoid a blanket reductions in fuel taxes. In a letter to ministers, T&E says they should instead pursue more effective and socially just measures. [CleanTechnica]

Arc de Triomphe, Paris (Florian Wehde, Unsplash)

¶ “We Need Humans To Achieve A Just Energy Transition” • The energy transition is ultimately a human transition. Why do we pioneer technological, financial, and policy innovations? For people. Who drives these innovations? People. To truly achieve a just energy transition, we must ensure an inclusive human-centered approach. [CleanTechnica]

¶ “Could The Energy Crisis Boost The Path To Renewables?” • The Oil & Gas price spike has reignited important conversations about the need to invest in alternative energy sources. Fossil fuels still provide around 85% of global energy and nearly half of the EU’s natural gas imports continue to come from Russia. Over-reliance on fossil fuels is not safe. [Energy Voice]

Offshore wind turbine (Grahame Jenkins, Unsplash)

Science and Technology:

¶ “Storing Renewable Electricity With Supercritical CO₂ Heat Pump” • Researchers in Spain have designed a pumped thermal energy storage system that uses supercritical carbon dioxide as a heat pump and a heat engine. The proposed system is claimed to achieve an efficiency of 80.26% and an LCOS of €0.116/kWh (13¢/KWh, A$0.18/KWh). [pv magazine Australia]


¶ “Airline Giant Delta Warns Oil Increases Mean Higher Ticket Prices” • Higher oil prices are set to lead to a 10% increase in air fares, according to Ed Bastian, head of Delta Air Lines. He told the BBC that the final impact “really depends where fuel prices settle.” Oil prices have reached 14-year highs after the Russian invasion of Ukraine. [BBC]

Delta jet (Miguel Ángel Sanz, Unsplash)

¶ “Which Gas Will Europe Import Now? The Choice Matters To The Climate” • A breakdown of emissions finds that transporting gas through Russian pipelines is three times as climate intensive as shipping it from the US. While LNG shipping accounts for 20% to 30% of transport emissions, pipeline transport dominates total shipping emissions. [CleanTechnica]

¶ “Audi Shows Off A6 Avant Concept For Wagon Lovers” • The Audi A6 Avant is a pre-production concept, but it is scheduled to appear in showrooms a year after the Audi A6 Sportback. It is “a completely tangible look at future production models on our new PPE technology platform,” says technical development chief Oliver Hoffmann. [CleanTechnica]

Audi A6 Avant concept (Audi image)

¶ “Middle Eastern Oil Producers Worried More People Will Buy EVs As A Result Of High Oil Prices” • Some Middle Eastern oil producers are worried that more people will buy EVs in light of the high oil prices. Iraq’s oil minister, Ihsan Abdul Jabbar, shared these thoughts with the New York Times, noting that members of OPEC are concerned. [CleanTechnica]

¶ “Acciona Completes 8.5-MW Spanish Solar Build” • Acciona Energia has completed an 8,500 kW solar plant as part of a green hydrogen project on the island of Mallorca. Spanish EPC outfit Colway Energia built the Lloseta PV plant for Acciona, which forms part of the Power to Green Hydrogen Mallorca project, led by Acciona Energia and Enagas. [reNews]

Solar power plant (Colway Energia image)

¶ “To Really Address Climate Change, Australia Could Make 27 Times As Much Electricity And Make It Renewable” • Australia’s electricity system is on the road to becoming 100% renewable as coal-fired power stations are replaced by wind and solar. But as a proportion of electricity consumed domestically, it’s on the road to more than 100% renewable. [The Conversation]

¶ “Japan Quake Revives Concerns Over Prime Minister Kishida’s Drive To Restart Idle Nuclear Plants” • A powerful quake that hit northeast of Japan has revived public concerns over the country’s nuclear energy. The earthquake serves as a challenge to anyone who argues to restart nuclear plants that have been idle since the 2011 Fukushima disaster. [The Fiji Times]

Kashiwazaki Kariwa nuclear plant (D a, CC-BY-SA 2.0)


¶ “Oregon And Virginia Next In Line For Tesla Insurance” • Tesla Insurance is expanding to two new states, Virginia and Oregon, Drive Tesla Canada reports. The article noted that the policies in both states will be underwritten by Tesla General Insurance for the first time. Tesla had expanded its insurance to Arizona and Ohio earlier this year. [CleanTechnica]

¶ “The Big Oil Windfall Profits Tax Legislation Targets Price Gouging” • It may be time to ensure that corporations pay a penalty when they price gouge. A legislative proposal seeks to amend the Internal Revenue Code of 1986 and impose a windfall profits excise tax on crude oil and to rebate the tax collected back to individual taxpayers. [CleanTechnica]

Oil platform (Image retrieved from NOAA, public domain)

¶ “Tesla Raises Its Prices Across Its Lineup – No Surprise” • Tesla has raised its prices across its vehicle lineup, and this was pretty much expected. Inflation has pretty much everyone raising prices. The most affordable Model 3 in the US is now $46,990, Bloomberg reported, while noting that other Tesla models had price increases in the past week. [CleanTechnica]

¶ “San Diego Gas & Electric Orders Mitsubishi Power Emerald Storage Solution To Add Capacity For High Energy Demand” • San Diego Gas & Electric Company has awarded Mitsubishi Power an order for a 10-MW, 60-MWh battery energy storage system for its Pala-Gomez Creek Energy Storage Project in Pala, California. [Business Wire]

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