March 12 Energy News

March 12, 2022


¶ “Oil’s Absence From EU Security Strategy Leaves Europe Dependent On Despots” • The energy security strategy from the European Commission is intended to protect consumers from energy price rises. But it fails to address Europe’s oil dependence, despite oil’s importance for Putin’s war in Ukraine, says green group Transport & Environment. [CleanTechnica]

Tank truck (ALE SAT, Unsplash)

Science and Technology:

¶ “US EIA Analysis Explores Energy Effects Of Low-Carbon Steelmaking” • Steelmaking accounted for around 7% of global CO₂ emissions in 2020. Producing a larger share of steel with electric arc furnaces, using renewable hydrogen instead of coal, and increasing the share of recycled steel are potential ways to decarbonize the industry. [CleanTechnica]


¶ “Australia Floods: ‘I’m Angry It’s Happening Again'” • Sophia Walter is angry. In 2011, the hill she lives on in Brisbane was turned into an island by a 100-year flood. Now, it’s happened all over again, just as the Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change was publishing its latest update saying there will be even more wildfires and more floods coming. [BBC]

Brisbane flood, 2022 (Kgbo, CC-BY-SA 3.0)

¶ “World’s Largest Electrolyzer Plant Now Under Construction” • Gladstone, Queensland will soon be home to the world’s largest electrolyzer plant. Fortescue Future Industries will also make wind turbines, solar panels, batteries, and cables there in a Green Energy Manufacturing Centre. This is all part of the green hydrogen update in Australia. [CleanTechnica]

¶ “Nissan Qashqai E-Power Bows With Range Extending ICE” • The new Nissan Qashqai crossover was launched as an internal combustion affair, with “a new type of hybrid powertrain” only briefly mentioned – as if in passing. But the design has the internal combustion engine only for generating electricity, so it always runs at peak efficiency. [CleanTechnica]

Nissan Qashqai (Image from Nissan, via Motor 1)

¶ “Investment In Ocean Energy Increases 50% In 2021” • Ocean energy public and private investments totalled €70mn in 2021, a 50% increase on 2020, according to a new Ocean Energy report. Deployments are set to continue at a steady pace in 2022 with 2.4 MW of tidal energy and 3.9 MW of wave energy coming across the world. [Energy Digital]

¶ “Nova Scotia Says Ratepayers Guaranteed Cheaper Renewable Electricity In Historic Procurement” • Up to five projects are expected to be chosen later this summer with an aim of reducing Nova Scotia’s greenhouse gas emissions by more than a million tonnes annually. Ratepayers will not be saddled with expensive electricity, the government said. [CBC]

Wind farm in New Brunswick (Cjhoyle, public domain)

¶ “US Accuses Russia Of Violating Nuclear Safety Principles In Ukraine” • The US has accused Russia of violating nuclear safety principles in Ukraine and demanded its forces stop firing on nuclear power plants. But the US said there are no signs of any radiological release in Ukraine and radiation monitors in much of the country were still functioning. [ABC]

¶ “Half Of Ukraine Renewables Capacity ‘Under Threat'” • Half of Ukraine’s 9,500 MW of renewable capacity is threatened with complete or partial destruction due to the Russian war on the country. The Ukrainian Association of Renewable Energy said 47% of the installed renewable capacity is in the regions where active hostilities are taking place. [reNews]

Wind turbines in Ukraine (DTEK image)

¶ “Ukraine Says Russia’s Putin “Ordered The Preparation Of A Terrorist Attack” On Chernobyl Nuclear Plant” • Ukraine claims Russian President Vladimir Putin “ordered the preparation of a terrorist attack” on the Chernobyl nuclear plant. A Ukrainian national emergency services agency said safety requires power for the plant’s cooling systems. [CBS News]


¶ “EPA Wants To Cut Semi Emissions By 60%” • Earlier this week, the EPA said it would propose rules to reduce smog-forming and greenhouse gas emissions from heavy duty vehicles. The rules could require cuts of up to 60% in the NOₓ emissions by 2045. The Department of Transportation is to offer funding to help companies meet those goals. [CleanTechnica]

Tesla Semi (Tesla image)

¶ “East Hartford To Tesla: You Can’t Sit With Us” • East Hartford has ruled in favor of local auto dealerships and pulled a move that feels petty and straight out of Mean Girls. After a permit was issued for Tesla to build a service center, it was revoked, thanks to the moves of Hoffman Auto, a local dealer group that doesn’t want Tesla in its city. [CleanTechnica]

¶ “San Antonio Power Company Pilots Pressurized Water Tech To Store Renewable Energy” • CPS Energy, San Antonio’s municipal power company, agreed to test technology that uses pressurized water underground to store renewable energy. The system was designed by a company called Quidnet. The test is small, but the technology can be scaled. []

Quidnet’s Castilleja site (Quidnet image)

¶ “Lion Energy Plans Several US Battery Factories” • Lion Energy manufactures a range of energy storage products, from backup generators to whole house battery storage systems. Now, a press release says, it has created a new division called American Battery Factory, which is to build a number of battery manufacturing facilities in the US. [CleanTechnica]

¶ “EPA Plans Sweeping Regulatory Strategy For Power Plants Covering Air, Water And Land Pollution” • The EPA is preparing to issue a series of proposals covering pollution from power plants, especially coal-fired plants, EPA Administrator Michael Regan said. Power plants are the biggest stationary source of harmful pollution in the US. [Utility Dive]

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