February 13 Energy News

February 13, 2022


¶ “Temporary spent nuclear fuel storage isn’t temporary” • The proposal to “store” spent nuclear fuel in New Mexico is a Trojan horse that will defeat the goal of geologically isolating this highly radioactive and chemically toxic material. The proposed interim storage facility is geologically unsuitable even for a period of decades. [Santa Fe New Mexican]

New Mexico (Joonyeop Baek, Unsplash)

¶ “Is BP Providing A Blueprint For Big Energy?” • By bolstering a select few oil operations and pumping funds into renewable energy projects, oil and gas giant BP is already emerging stronger in the early days of its transition. Earlier this week, BP reported its highest profits in eight years as the company says that it is “performing while transforming.” [Yahoo Finance]

¶ “Life With Tesla After 60,000 Miles: What I’ve Learned” • My wife and I are still just as thrilled with our Tesla Model 3 as we were the day we took delivery on October 22, 2019. My odometer reads 60,220 miles. We have driven coast to coast from North Carolina to California and made multiple round trips from Utah to Wisconsin. [CleanTechnica]

Road trip (Diego Jimenez, Unsplash)

Science and Technology:

¶ “Information Batteries Store Energy As Information” • An information battery stores energy in the form of information. The authors of a study explained that they use an approach of storing energy as completed precomputation that can meet or even exceed the end-to-end efficiency of grid-scale storage using existing infrastructure. [CleanTechnica]

¶ “Monstrous Waves Will Crash Ashore More Frequently Due To Climate Change” • The risk of coastal floods could rise 50-fold because of man-made climate change, recent research shows. With the weather phenomenon of overtopping, huge waves will hit structures or beaches with increasing frequency, say scientists, devastating communities. [Study Finds]

Wave (Matt Paul Catalano, Unsplash)


¶ “Mexico Vows To Press On With Power Changes Amid US Concerns” • Mexico’s President Andrés Manuel López Obrador vowed on Thursday to press ahead with changes to the electrical power industry despite US concerns that they could close off markets, choke off competition, and possibly violate the US-Mexico-Canada free trade pact. [ABC News]

¶ “France Announces Plans To Build Up To Fourteen Nuclear Reactors” • The French plans for new nuclear power could see up to fourteen nuclear reactors built, altogether. On Thursday, President Emmanuel Macron said that France would construct six nuclear reactors, but the country will study the possibility of commissioning a further eight. [CNN]

Emmanuel Macron speaking (France Diplomatie, CC-BY-SA 1.0)

¶ “Egypt Plans To Produce 42% Of Its Power From Renewable Resources” • Egypt seeks to produce 42% of its power from renewable resources, a large portion of which would be solar power, according to Ghada El-Gendy, the Executive Director of the Arab Renewable Energy Company, affiliated with the Arab Organization for Industrialization. [Egypt Today]

¶ “Geely’s Big Hybrid SUV vs -45°Inner Mongolia” • You might not think of China when you think of extreme cold, but the country is massive, and the temperatures in the mountains of Inner Mongolia can drop to less than -45°C (-50°F). If you want to show off the performance of your hybrid electric car, you could hardly pick a more difficult place. [CleanTechnica]

Geely (By Geely)

¶ “Japan Venture To Build Country’s First Nuclear Fusion Power Plant” • A Japanese venture plans to build the first experimental plant in the country to generate power through nuclear fusion, the company said. The experimental plant is expected to have a generating capacity of several dozen kilowatts and to come online in the next five years. [Kyodo News]


¶ “Ford Plans To Add 5 New Electric Lincoln SUVs By 2026” • Sources told Reuters that Lincoln, the luxury car division of Ford Motor Company, plans to introduce at least five new battery electric SUVs through 2026. Ford says it will build 600,000 EVs globally within two years. Part of its mission to be “the clear No 2 EV maker in North America.” [CleanTechnica]

Lincoln concept EV from ArtCenter College of Design

¶ “VinFast Launches New California Adventure In LA” • The Vietnamese EV contender VinFast announced plans to launch a California RoadShow to engage with potential customers in the US. The tour will go from Los Angeles to San Francisco, where the company’s US base is. It is meant to increase awareness of the company’s EV offerings. [CleanTechnica]

¶ “Stellantis Plans Electric Ram Pickup With Range Extender Engine” • Autoblog reports that in addition to the battery electric version of its light-duty pickup truck that is scheduled to arrive in 2024, it will also offer a version of that truck with a range extender engine. The version will support applications that need to combine power and range. [CleanTechnica]

Ram EV (Courtesy of Ram)

¶ “Offshore wind takes off at last. States have been counting on it” • As a quickly growing list of projects enters the permitting and construction phases, many states are betting on offshore wind to be a crucial source of renewable power. Offshore windpower will also be an economic driver to create thousands of industrial and maritime jobs. [Concord Monitor]

¶ “Report: Warming Climate Threatens Wisconsin Way Of Life” • A report by the Wisconsin Initiative on Climate Change Impacts found that, since 1950, statewide average temperatures have warmed by 3°F, a number beyond any natural variability, while annual precipitation increased 17%. Today’s record temperatures will become average by mid-century. [Madison.com]

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