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January 14 Energy News

January 14, 2022


¶ “Some German Environmental Groups Overlook Coal’s Impact On Water While Focusing On Stopping Tesla” • Two groups are suing the German State Office for the Environment claiming that the tests for approval of the water supply for the gigafactory are not available. In my opinion, they are not pro-environment. They are just anti-Tesla. [CleanTechnica]

Berlin Gigafactory (Image courtesy of Tesla)

¶ “Why The Joint US-South Korean Research On Plutonium Separation Raises Nuclear Proliferation Danger” • South Korea, like the US, has long relied on nuclear power as a major source of electric power. Both countries have large stores of spent nuclear fuel. And South Korea has long had an interest in other nuclear technology. [Bulletin of the Atomic Scientists]

Science and Technology:

¶ “2021 Was 45th Year In A Row With A Warmer-Than-Normal Global Temperature” • The last 45 years have all been above the 20th century average for global temperature, new data shows, as Earth continues its relentless warming due to heat-trapping fossil fuel emissions. Earth’s average temperature is now around 1.1°C above average pre-industrial levels. [CNN]

Earth from space (NASA image)


¶ “India’s Richest Man Is Pouring More Than $80 Billion Into Green Energy” • Reliance Industries, a conglomerate owned by Indian billionaire Mukesh Ambani, announced that it would allocate ₹6 trillion (about $80.6 billion) to renewable power projects in the western Indian state of Gujarat, where it hopes to help generate a million new jobs. [CNN]

¶ “The World’s Insatiable Appetite For Electricity Is Setting Up A Climate Disaster” • A report published by the International Energy Agency found that global demand for electricity surged 6% in 2021, fueled by a colder winter and the dramatic economic rebound from the pandemic. That drove both prices and carbon emissions to new records. [CNN]

Transmission lines (Matthew Henry, Unsplash)

¶ “Renewable PPA Prices Surge In Response To Gas Crisis” • A price rise of 7.8% quarter on quarter for renewable purchase price agreements means that the average cost has soared by 17.4% in the past nine months Corporations are looking to deliver on their climate goals and protect themselves against growing gas price volatility. [Business Green]

¶ “China Electric Vehicle Sales Growth Is Sparking Big Change” • China has emerged as a world leader in electric vehicle adoption in recent years. And it turns out 2021 was no exception. The Wall Street Journal recently reported, “China’s car market snapped a three-year decline last year, helped by strong sales of electric vehicles.” [CleanTechnica]

Tesla Model Y vehicles in China (Courtesy of Tesla)

¶ “EU Gas And Nuclear Rules Derided As ‘Biggest Greenwash Ever'” • Experts and activists are commenting on the European Commission’s plan to include natural gas and nuclear power as eligible for sustainable finance. They warn that the plan will lead to further greenwashing, split financial markets, and undermine the bloc’s climate objectives. [EUobserver]

¶ “Shipping Carbon Price Loophole Lets Millions Of Tonnes Of CO₂ Off The Hook” • Over 25 million tonnes of CO₂ – equivalent to the CO₂ emissions of Denmark – are exempt from the EU’s proposed carbon price for shipping, a Transport & Environment study shows. The exemptions appear to be arbitrary, and they undermine the EU’s shipping law. [CleanTechnica]

Bridge of a ferry (Ibrahim Boran, Unsplash)


¶ “Energy Department Will Recruit 1,000 Additional Staffers For New Corps To Tackle The Climate Crisis” • The DOE is starting up a Clean Energy Corps to help implement the bipartisan infrastructure law and develop clean-energy solutions to the climate crisis, the agency said. It will hire 1,000 new employees through a newly launched hiring portal. [CNN]

¶ “The US ‘Megadrought’ Sets Another Stunning Record” • Despite several recent drenching rainstorms in the West and enough snow to top the second story of some buildings, the United States has tied an alarming drought record: At least 40% of the Lower 48 has gone 68 straight weeks – more than 17 months – in drought conditions. [CNN]

Drought (Ross Stone, Unsplash)

¶ “Palmetto Maps 107 Million Roofs In US While Opposition To Rooftop Solar Grows” • MIT researchers created Mapdwell, a tool that provides an instant assessment of any building’s rooftop potential for solar energy production and battery storage. The tool was sold to Palmetto and is ready for use. But there are those who want to stop rooftop solar. [CleanTechnica]

¶ “US EPA To Evaluate Whether Lead Emissions From Piston-Engine Aircraft Endanger Human Health And Welfare” • The US EPA said it will evaluate emissions from piston-engine aircraft operating on leaded fuel and their potential threats to public health and welfare. The agency will issue a proposal for public review and comment in 2022. [CleanTechnica]

Airplane (Arie Wubben, Unsplash)

¶ “EDPR completes 200-MW Indiana Solar” • EDP Renewables has completed the construction of the 200MW Riverstart solar farm in the US state of Indiana. The project, located in Randolph County, is the largest solar farm by capacity in Indiana. It will generate electric energy equivalent to the average demand of over 36,000 homes each year. [reNews]

¶ “Manchin Wants Nuclear Tax Credit Extended In Biden’s Build Back Better Bill” • West Virginia Senator Joe Manchin (D) is seeking tax credits for nuclear power plants for 10 years instead of the six years as put in President Joe Biden’s Build Back Better bill. Manchin himself stalled the bill late last year with opposition to many of its provisions. [Oil Price]

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