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December 13 Energy News

December 13, 2021


¶ “Geoengineering – First It Was About Messing With The Atmosphere. Now It’s About Hacking The Ocean” • A new 300-page report by the National Academies of Sciences, Engineering, and Medicine calls for scientific investigation into a number of ways of geoengineering the ocean so it can sequester more carbon dioxide. [CleanTechnica]

Report (National Academies of Science)

¶ “Nuclear Power’s Economic Failure” • Despite the abundance of evidence that nuclear power is economically uncompetitive compared to renewables, the nuclear industry and some of its supporters continue to claim otherwise. A report by Friends of the Earth Australia shows nuclear economic failures by detailing real-world nuclear projects. [The Ecologist]

¶ “No, California Shouldn’t Extend The Life Of Its Last Nuclear Plant” • Proponents of nuclear power say keeping the Diablo Canyon plant open would reduce climate pollution, bolster grid reliability, and buy time during a crucial period in the state’s transition toward solar, wind, and other renewable resources. That idea is misguided. [Los Angeles Times]

Diablo Canyon nuclear plant (Doc Searls, CC-BY-SA 2.0)

Science and Technology:

¶ “How The Climate Crisis Is Affecting Tornadoes” • In the wake of a deadly night of extreme weather, which meteorologists and climate scientists say is historic, questions of whether climate change is intensifying tornadoes are just beginning to emerge. Climate change may have played a part in the violent storms, but it’s not yet clear what that role was. [CNN]


¶ “The Iñupiat Brothers Watching Their Land Melt” • The Arctic is warming about twice as fast as any other place. Indigenous groups who live there, including Alaska’s Iñupiat and the Inuit people of Canada and Greenland, are experiencing profound changes in their environment, which in turn can shake their whole culture and way of life. [BBC]

¶ “China’s Decarbonisation Policy Fine-Tuning Lifts Shares Of Renewable Energy, Grid Solutions Providers” • Changes to China’s decarbonization policy, which were just put into place, will bolster demand for renewable energy and the infrastructure that support its growth, analysts say. Stocks of companies in related fields surged. [South China Morning Post]

¶ “Electric Airplanes To Start Taking Off In Australia” • The home of the koala, the kangaroo, and Qantas is about to launch the world’s first zero emissions, electric airline. “We believe there will be a revolution in aviation and we want to be at the forefront,” Aaron Shaw, chief executive of Sydney Seaplanes, said. “This is the way of the future.” [CleanTechnica]

Seaplane flying over Sydney (Lubo Minar, Unsplash)

¶ “UK Opens ‘Landmark’ 12-GW CFD Auction” • The fourth Contracts for Difference auction for renewable energy in the UK has opened for applications. The Energy Department put £285 million up to support projects. The lion’s share, £200 million, is available for offshore wind. The UK hopes to secure 12 GW of new capacity through the round [reNews]


¶ “More Than 100 Feared Dead After Tornadoes Tear Through Several States” • More than 100 people are feared dead after a series of tornadoes ripped through several states in the Midwest and South and transformed homes and businesses into piles of rubble late Friday into Saturday. It was the deadliest tornado event in Kentucky’s history. [CNN]

Collage of radar imagery of the supercell on Dec 10-11, 2021 (TheAustinMan, CC-BY-SA 4.0)

¶ “FEMA Chief Says Powerful Storms ‘New Normal’ In Era Of Climate Change” • Powerful storms like the ones that tore through parts of the central US this weekend are the “new normal” in an era of climate change, Deanne Criswell, the FEMA administrator said. Connecting increasing tornado activity to climate change is not easy, however. [CNN]

¶ “Chevy Electric Silverado Coming In 2023 As GM Amps Up EV Investments” • The Verge is reporting that the Chevy Silverado EV – a battery electric pickup truck designed to take on Ford’s wildly popular F-150 Lightning – will go into production in early 2023, with deliveries to customers expected to begin by the fall of that year. [CleanTechnica]

Hummer Ultium platform (GM image)

¶ “New Mexico EV Enthusiasts Successfully Expand Charging Network With GoFundMe” • A group in New Mexico is working to make the drive in the state’s eastern areas a little easier by adding publicly available Level 2 charging stations. The group is taking matters into their own hands to put in public stations, funded through GoFundMe. [CleanTechnica]

¶ “Rural Arizona Communities To Receive Over $50 Million To Make Energy Efficient Improvements” • More than $50 million is being invested into rural Arizona communities in an effort to reduce the impacts of climate change, the USDA announced. The funds are going to a number of Arizona businesses through the Rural Energy for America Program. [KTAR News]

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