November 10 Energy News

November 10, 2021


¶ “You Can’t Crop An Entire Continent Out Of The Fight Against Climate Crisis” • In Uganda, it used to be that few people really talked about climate change. It was taught in school as if it were a far-off threat. Now, Africans are losing their incomes, and even their lives, but the entire continent is often ignored in global discussions on climate change. [CNN]

Farmland in Uganda (Random Institute, Unsplash)

¶ “Breaking News: Fusion Recedes Into Far Future For The 57th Time” • When Lewis Strauss, then chairman of the US Atomic Energy Commission, talked about nuclear being “too cheap to meter” in 1954, he was talking about fusion, not the fission power we use. Now, 67 years later, the advent of fusion power seems to be as far off as ever. [CleanTechnica]

Science and Technology:

¶ “Turning Crop Waste To Fertilizer Could Fight Air Pollution In India” • After their rice harvest, millions of Indian farmers clear the leftover stubble by setting entire fields alight to prepare for the upcoming wheat crop. This creates a lot of smoke. A young entrepreneur, may have a solution that would help reduce the air pollution and generate revenue for locals. [CNN]

Indian farmer at a rice field (Nandhu Kumar, Unsplash)

¶ “Microgrid Fast Charging Station Design And Operation Software Passes Key EV Charging Test” • There are big challenges for building a charging network for electric trucks. A study by Xendee Corporation and the Idaho National Laboratory shows the technical and economic feasibility of building out charging stations optimized for the challenges. [CleanTechnica]

¶ “New Material Could Pave Way For Better, Safer Batteries” • To have safer, more powerful batteries, researchers are working to replace liquid electrolytes used in batteries with solids. A team from Brown University and the University of Maryland came up with a material for use in solid-state batteries that’s derived from an unlikely source: trees. [CleanTechnica]

Trees in a forest (Lukasz Szmigiel, Unsplash)


¶ “Greenpeace Germany Sues Volkswagen Over CO₂ Emissions Targets” • Environmental activist Clara Mayer and the heads of Greenpeace Germany have sued Volkswagen in a German court. Greenpeace accuses the automaker of failing to do its part on climate change. One of the demands is that VW stop making internal combustion engine cars by 2030. [CNN]

¶ “COP26: PM Calls On Nations To Pull Out The Stops As Draft Agreement Published” • Prime Minister Boris Johnson is going back to the COP26 climate summit and urging nations to “pull out all the stops” to limit warming. The agreement’s first draft has been published. It sets out how countries will cut emissions to avoid temperature rises of above 1.5°C. [BBC]

Boris Johnson at COP26 (Prime Minister’s Office, OGL v.3)

¶ “Daimler Busted For Eight Illegal Emissions Control Defeat Devices In Diesel Emissions Scandal” • Testimony from an automotive software expert showed that Daimler AG was deeply involved in the diesel emissions scandal than thought. He found eight previously unknown defeat devices in a Mercedes-Benz E-Class with Euro 6 Diesel. [CleanTechnica]

¶ “Project To Examine Whether Electric Car Batteries Could Power Homes” • Researchers are exploring how EV charging technology could be used to power homes, even making money for EV owners. The project, which involves the Universities of Nottingham and Warwick, is looking at how the batteries could store electricity and support the grid. [BBC]

Professor Lucelia Rodrigues (University of Nottingham)

¶ “Investors Will Reject EU ‘Green’ Label For Gas And Nuclear” • The European Commission is currently considering including gas and nuclear in its ‘green’ labelling system. An international group of 60 investors representing around €9 trillion has warned against including gas and nuclear in the new European taxonomy [classification] on sustainable finance. [EUobserver]

¶ “France To Relaunch Construction Of Nuclear Reactors, Macron Announces” • French President Macron announced that France would launch a drive to build new nuclear energy plants in order to better meet growing energy and environmental challenges. Macron said the new reactors would be of the third generation EPR type. [The Local France]

Flamanville-3, late and over budget (schoella, CC-BY-SA 3.0)


¶ “GE Is Splitting Into Three Companies” • General Electric, founded by Thomas Edison in 1892, is breaking up. GE will be three separate companies for aviation, healthcare and energy, in 2023 and 2024. GE has struggled since it made a disastrous bet on building combustion gas turbines when the world was turning toward cleaner renewable energy solutions. [CNN]

¶ “Cadillac Is Buying Out Dealers That Don’t Want To Modernize In Order To Compete With Tesla” • Reuters reported that Cadillac is buying out dealers who don’t want to sell EVs. It wants to sell a new EV and has 40% fewer US dealers than it had in 2018. Even with fewer dealers. Cadillac still has more US dealers than any other luxury brand. [CleanTechnica]

Cadillac Lyriq (Image courtesy of Cadillac)

¶ “Plus Power Lines Up Financing For 565-MWh Storage Project” • Energy storage developer Plus Power said it has funding for its 185-MW, 565-MWh Kapolei Energy Storage project, now under contract with Hawaiian Electric. It said the financing serves as a “strong signal” of capital market support for standalone energy storage projects. [pv magazine USA]

¶ “Entergy Louisiana Set To Purchase 475 MW Of Solar Power” • In a press release, Entergy Louisiana announced it will be buying 475 MW of additional solar power from four solar facilities in the state. Construction on the facilities start this year, but they will have different types of contracts. The utility has about 240 MW of renewable energy now. [KPLC]

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