September 27 Energy News

September 27, 2021


¶ “Vanuatu Will Seek International Court Of Justice Opinion On Climate Protection” • The Pacific island nation of Vanuatu wants the International Court of Justice to weigh in on the rights of the nation’s current and future residents to protection from climate change. Vanuatu is the home of nearly 250,000 residents, all threatened by the climate crisis. [CNN]

As close as Vanuatu gets to a motel (Monika MG, Unsplash)

¶ “Record Month For Plugin Vehicles In China! Wuling EV #1 In Overall Auto Market!” • Plugin vehicles are all the rage in China, having scored 286,000 registrations in August, a full 22% increase over the previous record, which was set in June when 235,000 registrations were made. In August, EVs accounted for 19% of the overall auto market. [CleanTechnica]

¶ “Geely Geometry EX3 Electric SUV Priced Below $10,000” • Geely is the Chinese owner of Volvo Cars. In China, its domestic brand is called Geometry. This week, it introduced the EX3, an electric SUV with a range of 322 km NEDC (a nominal range of 200 miles), room for 5, and a price of ¥59,700. Listen up, people: that equates to €7,900 or $9,200. [CleanTechnica]

Geely Geometry EX3 (Geely image)

¶ “Kenya Takes Leap Of Faith In Renewable Power” • Kenya has updated its climate emissions goals. It aims to abate greenhouse gas emissions by 32 percent by 2030 relative to the Business as Usual scenario. Kenya already has the largest wind farm on the continent and is among the world leaders in the exploitation of geothermal energy. []

¶ “Bord Na Mona Eyes 200-MW Hybrid Park In Irish Midlands” • Bord na Mona has unveiled plans for a hybrid energy park in the Irish midlands. The developer wants to build a wind farm, solar array, energy storage, and green hydrogen facility, with a capacity of at least 200 MW, on 3000 hectares of land in Meath, Offaly, and Westmeath. [reNEWS]

Wren and turbines (Bord na Mona image)

¶ “IAEA: Violating Deal, Iran Denies Access To Site It Says Was Sabotaged By Israel” • According to a report in The Wall Street Journal, Iran denied access to UN nuclear inspectors who were seeking to visit the Karaj centrifuge assembly site on Sunday, several months after a sabotage incident at the facility, which Tehran blamed on Israel. [The Times of Israel]


¶ “Australia PM Undecided On Attending Crucial Climate Summit” • Australia’s prime minister has signalled he may not attend the UN’s landmark climate conference in November as his government faces continued criticism of its poor climate record. His government is staunchly protective of the country’s fossil fuel industry. [BBC]

Eraring power station in NSW (Nick Pitsas, CSIRO, CC-BY-SA 3.0)

¶ “Wineries And Breweries In Australia Offering Electrons From Sunshine” • Made by sunshine, drunk in sunshine, some wineries are going greener in Australia. And not just a few small wineries, it is a number of big ones. Beer is being brewed by companies with large solar arrays, also. Prime Minister Morrison might do well to notice. [CleanTechnica]

¶ “Australian Hydrogen Council Calls For Net Zero Fund” • In its inaugural white paper, Unlocking Australia’s Hydrogen Opportunity, the Australian Hydrogen Council charts the path to net-zero emissions with hydrogen industry help. Dr Fiona Simon, CEO of the Australian Hydrogen Council, called for a net-zero fund that would start at $10 billion. [Energy Magazine]

Australian wind turbine (Stephen Edmonds, CC-BY-SA 3.0)

¶ “Island Energy Transitions Set Path For New Funding Of Renewable Microgrids” • Regional renewable energy microgrid projects can now apply for funding as the Australian Renewable Energy Agency launches a new $50 million program to improve the resilience and reliability of electricity supply in remote parts of the country. [Renew Economy]


¶ “Climate Change Is Intensifying The US Border Crisis. It Will Only Get Worse” • The border crisis shows how natural disasters can push people to leave their homes, even at the risk their lives. Research has shown that climate migration will become more likely as the planet warms and people seek places they consider safer and more economically stable. [CNN]

Border fence (Steve Hillebrand, US FWS, public domain)

¶ “Ohio Lawmakers Line Up To Repeal Subsidy For Coal Plants” • Some lawmakers in the Ohio Legislature want to end a subsidy for two unprofitable Cold War-era coal plants that have cost state electric customers more than $340 million thus far and leave them on the hook for hundreds of millions more, thanks to a tainted energy bill. [Spectrum News]

¶ “Rivian Is No Tesla. That’s Exactly What These Buyers Want” • Tesla dominates EV sales in the US. CNN Business interviewed twelve drivers who have pre-orders with Rivian, a US automaker focused on electric trucks and SUVs that’s expected to go public later this year. They say that a key part of Rivian’s appeal is how different it is from Tesla. [CNN]

Rivian pickup (Rivian image)

¶ “Pulaski County Will Shift To Near 90% Solar Power” • The Arkansas Public Service Commission approved Pulaski County’s application to complete a first-of-its-kind solar array. The main goal of the solar project is to lower annual electricity costs and pursue clean energy, county attorney Adam Fogleman told the commission. [The Arkansas Democrat-Gazette]

¶ “Major Energy Storage Project Proposed Near Lebec Along California Aqueduct” • California’s latest 10-figure energy storage proposal in the county is a damlike “pumped hydro” project connected to the California Aqueduct that would store and release 3,500 GWh of electricity per year on or near Tejon Ranch in Kern County. [The Bakersfield Californian]

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