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July 13 Energy News

July 13, 2021


¶ “To Fight Ecocide, We Have To Criminalize It” • As we face the urgent crises of climate and extinction, we need every tool we can get, including the law. By identifying “ecocide” as a crime that can be prosecuted, as a panel of 12 lawyers proposed to the International Criminal Court, we can have a practical framework for tackling these emergencies. [TheHill]

Thunderstorm in Arizona (NOAA image, Unsplash)

Science and Technology:

¶ “Tesla Vision Sees Better Than Radar” • Not only did Tesla completely remove radar from Full Self Driving (FSD), but beta testers are now using the newest software that doesn’t have radar and they are raving. WholeMarsBlog tweeted that when he tried it on the highway for the first time, it was even better than the radar fusion system. [CleanTechnica]

¶ “What Is Happening To The Greenland Ice Sheet?” • The Greenland Ice Sheet is losing mass at an alarming rate, a study published in the journal Nature has shown. A team of scientists discovered that the current rate of melting is likely to be the highest of the last 12,000 years. By studying the history of such events, they can see implications. [CleanTechnica]

Water from melting Greenland ice (Paul Bright, Unsplash)


¶ “Squad Mobility, A Fleet Of Shared Solar City Cars – This Changes Everything” • A product of Squad Mobility, a startup in the Netherlands, might actually be the ultimate solution to the first/last-mile transportation issue. It is a small, affordable, low-speed car with a solar panel as it’s roof and a battery that can just be swapped out. [CleanTechnica]

¶ “Technology Boosts Efforts To Curb Tree Loss In Amazon” • Technology can help indigenous groups to curb deforestation significantly, a study shows. Indigenous people living in the Peruvian Amazon were equipped by conservation groups with satellite data and smartphones. They were able to reduce tree losses by half in the first year of the project. [BBC]

On the Amazon, Peru (Deb Dowd, Unsplash)

¶ “Australian Government Tries To Duck Its Responsibility. How Does Minister Sussan Ley Care?” • In Australia, the High Court decided to hold the federal government to account. The federal environment minister must exercise a duty of care for Australia’s young people to protect them from effects of CO₂ emissions. She cared enough to appeal the decision. [CleanTechnica]

¶ “50-GW Renewable Energy Development Is Unveiled For Western Australia” • An international consortium unveiled plans for a 50-GW solar and wind project which could produce 3.5 million tonnes of renewable hydrogen or 20 million tonnes of green ammonia annually. The project is to be built in Western Australia’s Goldfields-Esperance region. [H2 View]

Leonora, in Goldfields-Esperance (Bahnfrend, CC-BY-SA 4.0)

¶ “UAE’s Masdar To Develop 440 MW Of Solar Projects In Uzbekistan” • Masdar, based in Abu Dhabi, will develop two power plants in public-private partnerships, building its presence there, the company said. Masdar has the country’s first 100-MW PPP solar project. That is only a part of the solar projects Masdar has planned for Uzbekistan. [S&P Global]

¶ “Enel Inks 104-MW Spanish Wind And Solar Offtake” • Enel Green Power has signed a pan-European virtual power purchase agreement with Johnson & Johnson for the output from 104-MW of renewable energy capacity located in Spain. The 10-year VPPA is for the supply of 270 GWh a year, from wind and solar plants, and will begin in January 2023. [reNEWS]

Wind farm in Spain (Enel image)

¶ “Solar Power Eclipses Nuclear Energy In Terms Of Costs” • For businesses looking ahead to reduce costs, solar power seems to be the way to go. Households could possibly benefit as well. A new estimate by the industry ministry on future costs of power generation found that solar power will eclipse nuclear energy in terms of costs as of 2030. [Asahi Shimbun]


¶ “Western Wildfires Have Burned An Area 4 Times The Size Of NYC. Here Are Some Key Fires” • The National Interagency Fire Center says 55 large fires have burned over 768,000 acres across 12 states. The acreage, about 1,200 square miles, is about four times the area of New York City. So far this year, over 1.8 million acres have burned in 33,491 fires, the NIFC says. [CNN]

Bootleg Fire (Oregon Fire Marshall)

¶ “Western US Expecting Another Day Of High Temperatures As Over 18 Million Remain Under Heat Alerts” • Western states face another sweltering day in a record-breaking heat wave. The heat will cover southeast Oregon, northern California, the Mojave Desert, eastern California, and parts of Nevada and Utah, CNN meteorologist Michael Guy said. [CNN]

¶ “Boeing, Alaska Airlines, And NOAA Team Up To Measure Greenhouse Gases Mid-Flight” • Boeing, Alaska Airlines and NOAA have teamed up to test the use of commercial aircraft to collect data on greenhouse gases. Boeing’s ecoDemonstrator program has been researching promising and innovative technology since 2012. [CleanTechnica]

Airplane measuring greenhouse gases (NOAA image)

¶ “Climate Change Is Destabilizing The City Of Chicago. Who Knew?” • Chicago is a tribute to the indomitable human spirit that starts with the premise that people are smarter than nature. Where Chicago stands today was once a swamp. Today, climate change changes water levels so much that the city floods much more than if it were coastal. [CleanTechnica]

¶ “New York To Explore Green Hydrogen For Decarbonization Goals” • New York Governor Andrew M Cuomo announced that the state plans to explore the potential role of green hydrogen as part of its decarbonization strategy. The state is collaborating with NREL and providing $12.5 million for long duration energy storage technologies. [Energy Live News]

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