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March 8 Energy News

March 8, 2021


¶ “Geothermal Energy Is Having A Magic Moment, This Time For Real – CleanTechnica Interview” • The geothermal energy industry never realized its true potential in the US, despite the seemingly magical promise of nonstop, 24/7 renewable energy sitting just below the surface of the Earth. However, it seems like things are finally starting to gel. [CleanTechnica]

Geothermal plant (Pseudopanax, placed into the public domain)

Science and Technology:

¶ “Smithsonian Study Finds More Bad News About Climate Change: Skimpier Chesapeake Bay Oysters” • A new study by the Smithsonian Environmental Research Center shows that oysters stressed by low dissolved oxygen and warm water early in life grow thicker shells and less meat, the culinary delight for which the bivalve is prized. [Herald-Mail Media]

¶ “Want To Save Butterflies? Use Less Pesticide, UNR Study Says” • Butterflies have been in decline for the past 40 years and new methods of conservation and management of butterfly habitat – like less backyard pesticide use – may be needed to stop the decline, a report from the University of Nevada, Reno said. The report was published in Science. [KOLO]

Butterfly (Michal Mrozek, Unsplash)


¶ “Tesla Is Building Its 1st Superchargers In Israel” • Last month, Tesla entered the Israeli market, with a starting price of 180,000 shekels after taxes ($54,600) for a Model 3. So, it makes sense that Tesla is bringing its innovative Supercharging network to Israel as well. Unsurprisingly, Tesla has started the construction on its first Supercharger in Israel. [CleanTechnica]

¶ “Tesla China Reaches Another Milestone: 6,000 Supercharger Installations” • Tesla China has reached another milestone, a report by Tesmanian says. The country has 6,000 Supercharger installations. The report added that these stations are able to provide a battery recharge for up to 200 miles of range in just 15 minutes. [CleanTechnica]

Tesla charging stations (Image from Tesmanian via Twitter)

¶ “Eirgrid Proposals To Include €2 Billion Power Line Around Irish Coast” • For Ireland to meet its climate commitments, it will be necessary to redevelop the grid system the country uses to transmit electricity from renewable power plants to where it is needed. State-owned Eirgrid has suggested four possible ways to do that. [The Irish Times]

¶ “Magna Introduces Its Own BEV And PHEV Platforms” • A Canadian company, Magna, may be the biggest car company you never heard off. It develops and builds automobiles for other companies, like BMW, Daimler, Jaguar Land Rover, and Toyota. It unveiled details of two platforms it developed in-house, one is a hybrid, the other a pure EV. [CleanTechnica]

EV platform from Magna (Magna International image)

¶ “Northern Beaches Council Joins 100% Renewables Club” • In New South Wales, Northern Beaches Council has signed an agreement with a renewable energy company to see it switch over to 100% green power. It says the agreement with Infigen Energy will cut an estimated $1.9 million from its electricity bills over the next seven years. [Government News]

¶ “Space-Starved Singapore Builds Huge Floating Solar Farms In Push For Renewable Power” • Renewable energy is a challenge in a country with no rivers for hydro-electricity and where the wind is not strong enough to power turbines. So Singapore turned to solar power. With almost no available land, it has had to resort to setting up floating solar plants. [Firstpost]

Illustration of a floating solar system (Sembcorp image)

¶ “Fukushima Residents Fear Crisis Has Fallen Off Radar As Other Issues Take Spotlight” • Ten years after the Fukushima Disaster, some local residents of the area, who have seen the changes it brought about, worry about the future and what will become of the closed nuclear power plant, as the country seems to have gone on to other things. [Japan Today]


¶ “Renewables Supplied 20.6% Of US Electricity In 2020” • US electricity generation data are in from the Energy Information Administration for 2020. Renewable energy accounted for 20.6% of US electricity generation last year. Wind power led, with 8.3% of US electricity generation, followed by hydropower at 7.2%, and solar power at 3.3%. [CleanTechnica]

Wind turbines (Henry & Co, Unsplash)

¶ “ERCOT Charged $16 Billion Too Much For Power” • ERCOT, the Texas grid operator, left wholesale electricity prices at the legal maximum two days longer than necessary, overcharging power companies $16 billion in the process, during the winter storm that caused massive system failures, an independent market monitor says. [CleanTechnica]

¶ “Petaluma First US City To Ban New Gas Stations” • Today, the 60,000 residents of Petaluma, 40 miles north of the City by the Bay, are served by 16 gas stations. The city council thinks that’s enough and has passed an ordinance banning construction of new gas stations. Petaluma is the first city in the US to prohibit construction of new gas stations. [CleanTechnica]

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