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April 6 Energy News

April 6, 2020


¶ “Renewable Energy Vital To Reducing Inequalities In Asia-Pacific” • For people in hard-to-reach villages of the Himalayas or isolated islands of Indonesia, fossil fuels are scarce and expensive. For millions of people, the most feasible option is to construct off-grid or mini-grid power systems using locally available renewable resources. [The Phnom Penh Post]

Wind turbines in central Indonesia (Image: AFP)

¶ “COVID-19 Lockdown Illustrates Connection Between People, The Earth, And Pollution” • If there is any good news that could flow from the economy being subjugated by a virus, it is this. People are noticing the world around them in a new way, which could lead to a new understanding of how human activities can damage the environment. [CleanTechnica]


¶ “Renewables Surge By 176 GW In 2019” • The renewable energy sector added 176 GW of generating capacity globally in 2019, slightly lower than the 179 GW added in 2018, according to a report. However, new renewable power accounted for 72% of all power expansion last year, according to International Renewable Energy Agency data. [reNEWS]

Wind turbines (Abby Anaday | Unsplash)

¶ “Buffalo Coal Puts Mining Operations On Lockdown” • Buffalo Coal, one of the South African area’s biggest employers, ceased operations to comply with a national 21-day lockdown imposed by President Cyril Ramaphosa on March 26. The President’s decision was made in a bid to mitigate the spread of Covid-19 in the country. [Northern Natal Courier]

¶ “Curtailment And Queueing To End: SMA Helps Soothe West Murray Woes” • Inverter company SMA may have found a way to allow five severely curtailed solar farms in Western Australia to resume normal operations. They have been curtailed by 50% for six months. This has implications for other areas where the grid is weak. [pv magazine Australia]

SMA service vehicle (SMA image)

¶ “RWE’s New Data Center Solution Offers UPS Batteries Dual Use As Grid-Balancing Asset” • German electric utility company RWE has begun marketing a tech solution through which data centers, which already integrate batteries for uninterruptible power supply (UPS) systems, can use their UPS to “help stabilize the grid”. [Energy Storage News]

¶ “Scotland’s Wind Power Growth At A Standstill” • Scotland’s drive to build up windpower completely stalled in the second half of last year. Scottish wind turbines have a key role in the UK’s green energy, but Scottish Government figures show that no new net capacity was added in the country between last June and December. [HeraldScotland]

Wind turbines near the coast of Scotland

¶ “Guinea Bissau Awards Contract For Gardete Solar Power Plant Project” • Guinea Bissau awarded the contract for construction of Gardete solar project to Sinohydro Corporation, a state-owned Chinese company, paving way for work to begin. The 20-MW project received $42.9 million in financing from the West African Development Bank. [Construction Review]

¶ “Prices Fall In Greece’s Renewables Tender With 503 MW Awarded” • Greece awarded 502.94 MW of wind and solar power capacity in its latest mixed renewables tender, with bids hitting as low as €49.11/MWh ($53.06/MWh). The weighted average of the winning projects amounted to €51.59/MWh; last year it was €57.03/MWh. [Renewables Now]

Solar farm in Greece (Photo: Recom)

¶ “Coal mine explosion kills 11 miners in colombia” • An explosion at a coal mine in Colombia’s central Cundinamarca department has claimed the lives of at least 11 miners. According to the Governor of Cundinamarca, Nicolas Garcia, the explosion was due to the accumulation of gases where 22 miners were working. [Mining Technology]

¶ “Clean Energy Can Drive Post-COVID-19 Economies, Business Groups Say” • Renewable energy proponents from some of Europe’s major business sectors are pushing the European Union not to abandon ambitious plans to become carbon neutral by 2050 in the post-COVID-19 drive to rebuild pandemic-battered regional economies. [Engineering News-Record]

Walney offshore wind project (Photo: Ørsted)

¶ “Ukraine: Radiation Spike As Forest Fire Hits Chernobyl Nuclear Zone” • Ukrainian authorities reported a spike in radiation levels in the restricted zone around Chernobyl, scene of the world’s worst nuclear accident, caused by a forest fire. The post included a video with a Geiger counter showing radiation at 16 times above normal. [Times Now]


¶ “And So It Begins: World’s 11th-Biggest Economy Pitches Renewable Energy For COVID-19 Recovery” • New York State would, which by some measures, be the world’s 11th-largest economy if it was an independent country. On Friday, April 3, New York announced the passage of enabling legislation for its new clean power plans. [CleanTechnica]

New York Governor Andrew Cuomo (

¶ “Tesla Is Making Ventilators From Tesla Model 3 Car Parts” • Tesla’s engineering team released an update on Tesla’s progress making ventilators, something that hospitals desperately need to fight COVID-19. Engineers explain that they have been working on developing their own ventilators based on Tesla car parts, which they have in supply. [CleanTechnica]

¶ “Tesla Model 3 Is 6th Best Selling Car in USA” • The Tesla Model 3 isn’t done with the headlines. Tesla has climbed the rankings of the top selling cars in the USA and placed the Model 3 on the 6th rung. That’s up from 9th in 2019 as a whole, up from 13th in the 1st quarter of 2019, and up from 7th in the 4th quarter of 2019. [CleanTechnica]

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