February 11 Energy News

February 11, 2020

Science and Technology:

¶ “Some Antarctic Penguin Colonies Have Declined By More Than 75% Over 50 Years” • Penguin colonies in some parts of the Antarctic have declined by more than 75% over the past half century, largely as a result of climate change, researchers say. The colonies of chinstrap penguins were last surveyed almost 50 years ago. [CNN]

Chinstrap Penguins (Abbie Trayler | Greenpeace UK)

¶ “Arctic Permafrost Thawing Will Double Previous Carbon Emissions Estimates” • A study by the Colorado University Boulder shows that the abrupt thawing of the Arctic permafrost will double previous estimates of potential carbon emissions. In fact, it is already changing the landscape and ecology of the circumpolar north. [CleanTechnica]


¶ “New Zealand To Test Wisk eVTOL Flying Taxi” • Wisk is no flash in the pan operation. It is a partnership created last year between eVTOL start up Kitty Hawk and Boeing. Kitty Hawk itself was once a subsidiary of Boeing. The first fruit of that collaboration is an electric VTOL aircraft known as Cora. Trials are soon to start in New Zealand. [CleanTechnica]

Cora (Image courtesy of Wisk)

¶ “Tata Power-DDL Tenders For 150 MW Non-Solar Renewable Power” • Tata Power-Delhi Distribution Limited, a joint venture of Tata Power and India’s National Capital Territory, issued a tender inviting bids for 150 MW of non-solar renewable power on a short term basis to meet its renewable purchase obligation for the fiscal year. [Saurenergy]

¶ “What’s Happening With The Renewable Heat Initiative?” • With the UK government committed to making the country carbon neutral by 2050, schemes such as the Renewable Heat Incentive are coming under the spotlight. The scheme launched in April 2014 but it will be closing its doors to new applications in March 2021. [Energy Saving Trust]

Homes in the UK (Getty Images)

¶ “Scots Communities Reap £20 Million Clean Power Benefits” • Over one year, Scottish communities got £20 million in benefits from renewable energy businesses, the Scottish government said. The benefits, are the voluntary arrangements offered by businesses to communities located near onshore renewables developments. [reNEWS]

¶ “GE Renewable Energy To Support The Clean Energy Growth In The Philippines” • GE Renewable Energy booked a contract with Angat Hydropower Corporation to rehabilitate the 218-MW Angat hydropower plant located in the Philippines. This 53-year-old Angat hydropower facility also supplies water for Metro Manila and for irrigation. [REVE]

Angat hydropower plant

¶ “All Unilever Operations Now Run On 100% Renewable Electricity” • British-Dutch manufacturing giant Unilever made the switch to 100% renewable grid electricity for its entire value chain. It will now turn its attention to sourcing the entirety of its energy needs from renewable sources. It has a goal of carbon-neutrality by 2030. [CSO Magazine]

¶ “Red Rock Lights 1-GW Rocket At Inch Cape” • Red Rock Power has applied to boost capacity at its Inch Cape offshore wind farm off east Scotland to up to 1 GW from 700 MW. The capacity increase can be achieved without raising turbine numbers thanks to “technological advances,” the Chinese-owned company told Scottish authorities. [reNEWS]

Offshore wind farm (Image: Nicholas Doherty | Unsplash)


¶ “Competitive Power Ventures Building 150-MW Maple Hill Solar Farm” • Privately held energy infrastructure investment and management firm Competitive Power Ventures, known for building numerous gas-fired power plants in the US, announced its latest renewable project will be a 150-MW solar farm built in Pennsylvania. [Power Engineering Magazine]

¶ “NY State Officials Are Pleasantly Surprised By Tesla’s Buffalo Factory” • Assemblyman Sean Ryan, of the New York State Assembly, says that he is “pleasantly surprised” at progress at Tesla’s factory in Buffalo. After touring it, he said, “The factory is built out. It has complete lines running … [It is] what we’ve been hoping for.”  [CleanTechnica]

Making roof tiles (Tesla image)

¶ “Department of Energy Invests $74 Million In Building and Construction Technologies And Innovations” • The DOE announced $74 million for 63 selected projects to research, develop, and test efficient and flexible building technologies, systems, and construction practices to improve the energy performance of buildings and the grid. [Energy.gov]

¶ “Evergy To Add 660 MW Of Wind Energy To Portfolio” • Evergy, Inc, based in Kansas and Missouri, announced it will expand its wind energy portfolio by 660 MW, and reduce carbon output by 80% below 2005 levels by 2050. Electricity from four new wind sites will be used to attract and retain large commercial and industrial customers. [Renewable Energy Magazine]

Wind turbine (Courtesy of NREL)

¶ “Construction Completed At $300 Million, 205-MW Bright Stalk Wind Energy Farm” • Energy EPC firm Mortenson completed construction on a $300 million wind farm in Illinois. The 205-MW Bright Stalk Wind Farm project northeast of Bloomington-Normal in McLean County. EDP Renewables is the project developer. [Power Engineering Magazine]

¶ “Trump Budget Proposes $150 Million For Creation Of Uranium Reserve” • President Donald Trump’s 2021 budget proposed $150 million for the creation of a US uranium reserve, as the administration seeks to help struggling producers of the fuel for nuclear reactors. The budget proposal does not outline where the reserve would be built. [Yahoo Finance]

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