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December 28 Energy News

December 28, 2019


¶ “From Global Warming To Plastic Pollution, This Was The Decade When People Learned The Planet Was Facing A Climate Emergency” • This was the decade when science demonstrated climate change was happening beyond any reasonable doubt. Record high temperatures, droughts, floods, and storms were all plainly visible to anyone who looks. [iNews]

Spanish farmland (Miguel Riopa | AFP | Getty)

¶ “2019 Was A Pivotal Year For Energy” • In the years ahead, 2019 could go down in the history books as a pivotal year in the energy transition. It has been  a year that saw grid parity tipping points. The hype around US shale finally burst. Climate change became increasingly top-of-mind for the energy sector. And the capital markets started shifting. []

¶ “Renewable Energy Producers Will Be Hurt Most By Strengthening CFE” • Mexico’s Federal Electricity Commission (CFE) has developed plans to curb private participation in the Mexican electricity market as part of an effort by the government of President López Obrador to consolidate power generation in state hands. [Mexico News Daily]

Transmission lines and towers

Science and Technology:

¶ “Submarine To Explore Why Antarctic Glacier Is Melting So Quickly” • An international team of scientists at the Thwaites glacier in Antarctica is preparing to drill through more than half a kilometer of ice into the dark waters beneath. They plan to lower down a torpedo-shaped robotic submarine to explore with hopes to find out why it is melting so fast. [The Guardian]


¶ “Industry Analysts Expect EV Sales To Soar In UK & EU Beginning In 2020” • Auto analysts in Europe and the UK think the prices of EVs will continue to fall in much the same way they did for microwaves and cell phones. According to a report by The Guardian, 2020 is poised to be the Year Of The Electric Car, at least in Europe. [CleanTechnica]

MINI Cooper EV (Image courtesy of MINI)

¶ “Survey of UK investors shows serious interest in renewable energy in 2020” • Renewable energy is the top investment sector for investors in the United Kingdom, a GraniteShares survey revealed. Almost a third of respondents believe that renewables are the best sector to put their money into in 2020, reflecting a surge in optimism. [Solar Builder]

¶ “Turkey Jumps Into The EV Market” • Turkey jumps into the EV market by unveiling its first “fully” domestically made electric vehicle, with goals of producing up to 175,000 EVs a year. This will cost around $3.7 billion over the next 13 years. It is refreshing to see another country getting more serious about electric vehicles. [CleanTechnica]

Turkish President Erdogan with TOGG EV (via Twitter)

¶ “Australia Suffers Worst Of China’s Coal Curbs After Earlier Boom” • Australia is bearing the brunt of China’s year-end coal import restrictions, ceding market share to other exporters including Russia and Mongolia. Shipments had soared earlier in 2019, when Chinese imports from Australia climbed to record levels. [Hellenic Shipping News Worldwide]

¶ “Australia Bushfires Taking Toll On Public Health” • Australia’s “terrible” air quality is taking a toll on public health. Hospitals are crowded with patients suffering heart and lung damage, said an expert. “The air quality over Sydney and Canberra, the capital of Australia, has been appalling,” a scientist at the Climate Science Centre of Australia said. [Anadolu Agency]

Fighting a bushfire

¶ “German Nuclear Exit Continues As Planned With Next Reactor To Close Dec 31” • Germany’s planned phasing out of nuclear power will continue with the closure of the 1.5-GW Philippsburg 2. Federal environment minister, Svenja Schulze, said in a statement that the consensus in Germany behind the nuclear phase-out was “rock solid.” [S&P Global]

¶ “Denmark Moves Ahead With Renewable Projects” • Ørsted and its partners have funding of $5.2 million from the Energy Technology Development and Demonstration Programme for a hydrogen project, they said. A 2-MW electrolysis terminal with hydrogen storage will be powered by Ørsted’s 3.6-MW offshore wind farm at Avedøre. [Energy Reporters]

Ørsted offshore wind farm (Image via YouTube)


¶ “Coal Miners Celebrate After Passage Of American Miners Act Of 2019” • Coal miners celebrated after a last minute passage of a government spending bill. The bill avoids another government shutdown, but more important for the miners and their families, it includes a long-awaited plan to save their pension and health care funds. [WDVM 25]

¶ “NW Energy Shareholder Files Suit Claiming Utility Excluded Climate Proposal From 2020 Proxy” • A NorthWestern Energy shareholder is suing the company for omitting his proposal from its 2020 proxy materials. He said the utility is moving toward a “fossil-fuel-intensive train wreck” that shareholders have an interest in reversing. [Missoula Current]

Transmission system (The Nature Conservancy | Kili Yuyan)

¶ “Leftover Holiday Food Converted To Renewable Energy” • Over the holiday season there’s an increase in the amount of waste produced, with a large percentage of that waste being food. In New York, the Oneida-Herkimer Solid Waste Authority says their Food 2 Energy program allows residents to recycle scraps of unwanted food. [WUTR/WFXV]

¶ “Glendale Water & Power To Purchase Solar And Battery Energy Storage” • The Glendale City Council passed a resolution to enter into a 25-year Power Sales Agreement with the Southern California Public Power Authority for 25 MW of solar power and 12.5-MW/50-MWh of battery storage at the Eland 1 Solar and Storage Center. [Renewable Energy Magazine]

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