November 11 Energy News

November 11, 2019


¶ “As Climate Change Threatens Midwest’s Cultural Identity, Cities Test Ways to Adapt” • Think of a Minnesota with almost no ice fishing, Missouri as hot and dry as Texas, and communities on rivers where catastrophic floods happen almost every year rather than every few generations. This, scientists warn, is the future if emissions continue as they are. [InsideClimate News]

Flood in Missouri (Scott Olson | Getty Images)

¶ “Is Climate Change To Blame For Australia’s Bushfires?” • In Australia, bushfires are a regular feature of the calendar, but the blazes in New South Wales and Queensland have not previously occurred on such a scale and so early in the fire season, officials say. This has led many Australians to ask how closely the fires can be linked to climate change. [BBC]

¶ “Rising Seas, Melting Ice, Raging Fires – Why Didn’t Anybody Warn Us?” • In a recent New York Times op-ed, Eugene Linden suggests reasons why scientists have been too conservative on climate change. There have been scientists who showed that rapid changes have happened in the past and can again, but they were regarded as on the fringe. [CleanTechnica]

Melting ice (NASA image)


¶ “Kenya: Counties Critical In Upscaling Renewable Energy” • In Kenya, nine million households have access to off-grid energy, shows a Ministry of Energy survey, as renewable energy accounts for about 70% of Kenya’s installed capacity compared to the global average of 24%. The counties are critical for the country’s energy supply. []

¶ “Airlines Accused Of Hypocrisy Over ‘fuel-tankering'” • A British Airways whistleblower revealed an industry-wide practice that deliberately adds weight to flights, increasing greenhouse gas emissions. “Fuel tankering” sees planes filled with extra fuel, usually to avoid paying higher prices for refuelling at their destination airports. [BBC]


¶ “Fukushima’s Radioactive Farmland To Become Clean-Energy Hub, Powering The Region And Tokyo Metropolitan Area” • Fukushima Prefecture, site of the nuclear disaster, is now set to have its first solar farm working in January. It is part of a $2.7 billion clean energy project that includes 600 MW of solar and wind power to be completed by March 2024. [RT]

¶ “Iran And Russia Launch New Phase Of Nuclear Power Reactor Construction” • Tehran and Moscow inaugurated a new phase of construction for a second reactor at Iran’s sole nuclear power plant in Bushehr on the Gulf coast. Officials from both countries’ nuclear programs launched the new stage at a ceremony where concrete was poured. [The Japan Times]

Pouring concrete (AFP | JIJI)


¶ “Australia’s Climate Response Among The Worst In The G20, Report Finds” • Australia’s response to climate change is one of the worst in the G20 with a lack of policy, reliance on fossil fuels and rising emissions leaving the country exposed “economically, politically and environmentally,” according to an international report. [The Guardian]

¶ “Australia Fires: Nation Braces For ‘Most Dangerous Bushfire Week Ever Seen'” • Fire chiefs in Australia have warned of “the most dangerous bushfire week this nation has ever seen”, saying New South Wales, the country’s most populous state, faces an unprecedented “catastrophic” fire day. NSW has 60 fires, 40 of which are out of control. [The Guardian]

Fire fighting (Dan Peled | EPA)

¶ “Renewables Sector Slams New Network Pricing Proposals” • The renewable energy industry slammed the Australian Energy Market Commission’s proposed approach to transmission investment, saying it would increase the cost and complexity of connecting vital projects to the NEM, undermine investor certainty, and halt new projects. [RenewEconomy]


¶ “Teslas Account For 77.7% of US Electric Vehicle Sales” • Tesla as a whole accounted for 75% of US EV sales in October and 77.7% in January through October. Aside from Tesla’s offerings, there may be only two fully electric models available at dealers in all 50 states, the Chevy Bolt and Nissan LEAF. A number of models are only sold regionally. [CleanTechnica]

Chevy Bolt charging

¶ “Renewable Energy Proposals Top 75” • The Hawaiian Electric Companies’ public call for additional renewable energy resources has been answered with more than 75 proposals, as the utilities move toward fossil fuel reduction. The proposals are for projects on Hawai‘i Island, Maui and O‘ahu and include grid services such projects as for rooftop solar. [Big Island Now]

¶ “McDonald’s Unveils Two New Sustainability Initiatives That Could Power 2,500 Stores” • The sustainability plans McDonald’s announced last week, including power purchase agreements with Apex Clean Energy and Ares Management for solar and wind energy in Texas, are expected to be able to power over two thousand stores. [The Rising]

Have a gracefully prosperous day.

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