November 9 Energy News

November 9, 2019

US Federal Reserve Bank on Climate Change:

¶ “Fed Sees Climate Change Shaping Economy, Policy” • Federal Reserve Governor Lael Brainard said the Fed will need to look at how to keep banks and the financial system resilient amid risks from extreme weather, higher temperatures, rising sea levels, and other effects of increasing levels of greenhouse gases in the atmosphere. [Reuters UK]

Fed Governor Lael Brainard (Brian Snyder | Reuters file photo)

¶ “Fed: $500 Billion In Losses Show Economic Threat of Climate Change” • A Fed official warned risk managers not to ignore climate change. “The US economy has experienced more than $500 billion in direct losses over the last five years due to climate and weather-related events,” Federal Reserve Bank of New York Executive Vice President Kevin Stiroh said. [Newsmax]

¶ “Climate Change Could End Mortgages As We Know Them” • Unless we address climate change, it could punch a hole through the financial system by making 30-year home mortgages effectively unobtainable in entire regions across parts of the US. That’s according to the latest research from the Federal Reserve Bank of San Francisco. [msnNOW]

Farm in Vermont (Magicpiano, Wikimedia Commons)


¶ “Global Leaders Are Facing One Of The Scariest Years Of Climate Change Yet” • Scientists have warned about severe global impacts from climate change for over three decades. Over the past 12 months those warnings have intensified. Reports detailing the massive consequences of global warming have come at a fast and furious pace. [Quartz]

Science and Technology:

¶ “How Airships Could Return To Our Crowded Skies” • The Airlander was created by Hybrid Air Vehicles, founded in 2007. Hybrid airships emit a fraction of the pollution of conventional aircraft. Now, HAV has been given over £1 million ($1.3 million) by the UK government and industry to develop all-electric propulsion producing zero pollution. [BBC]

HAV’s Airlander (Credit: HAV)

¶ “Water Is Really Hard And Expensive To Split. These Guys Might Have A Solution” • Scientists from Trinity College Dublin teamed up to solve a problem facing clean hydrogen production. They’ve been studying ways to better catalyze splitting water, the most abundant compound in the universe, into energy-ready hydrogen. [Popular Mechanics]


¶ “Australia Bushfires: Two Dead In New South Wales Blazes” • At least two people are dead and seven others missing in Australian bushfires that are called “unprecedented.” Thousands of people were evacuated, and there are reports of people trapped in their homes in several places, with rescue crews unable to reach them through the fires. [BBC]

Water-bombing helicopter (Reuters)

¶ “Europe ‘On Track’ For 53% Renewable Power By 2030 Despite Country Gaps” • A mix of policy and economics puts Europe in a solid position to source more than half of its power supply from renewables by 2030, even though not all countries will reach their targets equally as fast, according to analysis from Wood Mackenzie. [PV-Tech]

¶ “Volkswagen Has An E-Mobility Plan: Make Electric Cars For Millions, Not Millionaires” • A VW factory in Zwickau used to build Golf models. One of two production lines has been shut down and converted to electric car production. The other is scheduled to shut down next year, when it will also be converted to electric car production. [CleanTechnica]

VW evolution

¶ “Niigata Prefecture Holds First Nuclear Disaster Drill In Five Years” • The Niigata prefectural government and others held a disaster drill on the assumption of an earthquake-triggered severe accident at TEPCO’s Kashiwazaki-Kariwa nuclear station. It was the first nuclear disaster drill held by the prefecture government in five years. []

¶ “EU Finance Ministers Call For End To Fossil Fuel Funding” • The EU’s finance ministers urged the European Investment Bank and other international lending institutions, to halt their funding for oil, gas, and coal projects in a push to address climate change. It is the first time European finance ministers have taken such a stand. [Taiwan News]

Fossils fueling climate change


¶ “Legislators Revisit Landmark Energy Law For New Mexico” • Leading legislators lashed out at the utility regulators of New Mexico’s Public Regulation Commission and rallied around a landmark energy law that would divest the state’s main investor-owned utility from a coal-fired plant and guide new investments in renewable energy. [Las Cruces Sun-News]

¶ “The Permian Paradox: Texas Shale Players Go Green To Drill More” • As the thirst for electricity to power drilling rigs in West Texas drives the state’s energy needs to new highs, oil and gas companies are increasingly relying on wind and solar power to ensure that the shale boom continues. Occidental Petroleum Corp is an example. [Reuters]

Permian Basin wind turbines (Nick Oxford | Reuters file photo)

¶ “Navy In Europe Aims To Boost Renewable Power, Secure Energy Sources From Threats” • The US Navy’s three biggest bases in Europe are undergoing a multimillion dollar retrofit to boost energy efficiency and create alternative power sources in case the main grid is disabled by an adversary, natural disaster or storm. [Stars and Stripes]

¶ “In Napa Valley, Winemakers Fight Climate Change On All Fronts” • Every wine region has had to deal with some effect of climate change, but few outside Napa Valley have had to deal with as many devastating consequences. Climate change is blamed for extreme summer heat, an untimely cold snap, wildfires, and drought. [Forbes India]

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