November 4 Energy News

November 4, 2019


¶ “How Fossil Fuel Industry Misled Americans Deliberately About Climate Change” • For decades, the fossil fuel industry has subjected Americans to a well-funded disinformation campaign about the reality and severity of human-caused climate change. The purpose of this is to delay climate action and thereby protect fossil fuel business interests. [ThePrint]

Cooling towers (Flickr image)

¶ “As EU Debate Over Role Of Gas Builds, Methane Emerges As Europe’s Climate Blind Spot” • The EU is ignoring an urgent climate issue in its natural gas supply chain, a new policy brief by Environmental Defense Fund says. The problem is methane, a climate pollutant over 84 times as powerful as CO₂ over a 20-year timespan. [Environmental Defense Fund]


¶ “Electric Aviation Company Scylax Forms Joint Venture With German Regional Airline” • Scylax GmbH, based in Munich, has entered into a joint venture with the East Frisian FLN airline for electric aircraft. The idea is to replace the airline’s current fleet of gas-powered BN-2 Norman Britten Islanders with the all-electric Scylax E10s. [CleanTechnica]

Scylax airplane (Credit: Scylax)

¶ “GCC To Create $76 Billion In Cost Savings From Renewable Energy Adoption By 2030” • The Gulf Cooperation Council is rapidly adopting renewable energy and has plans to continue to do so. A report published by the International Renewable Energy Agency predicts that the GCC could see savings of $76 billion by 2030 because of this. [Utilities Middle East]

¶ “Egypt: PPA Signed For A 200-MW Kom Ombo PV Plant” • Saudi Arabian energy company ACWA Power has signed a power purchase agreement  with the government of Egypt to develop, finance, construct and operate the Kom Ombo PV plant. The plant will have a capacity of 200 MW, which is enough to power about 130,000 households. [ESI Africa]

Solar array

¶ “EU’s New List Of Energy Projects Includes 32 Gas Facilities” • The EU says it wants to get out of fossil fuels and become climate neutral as soon as possible. But the European Commission’s latest list of energy projects eligible for EU funding includes 32 gas projects, including the construction of new LNG terminals, EURACTIV Germany reports. [EURACTIV]


¶ “Delhi Air Quality: Severe Pollution Prompts Car Rationing” • The Indian capital, Delhi, has launched a car rationing system as it battles hazardous levels of pollution. However, cars are not believed to be the main cause of Delhi’s toxic air, and experts point instead to crop burning by farmers in neighbouring states to clear fields. [BBC]

Woman with a mask

¶ “Flights Diverted As New Delhi Chokes On Heavy Pollution” • Flights were delayed in and out of New Delhi’s international airport because of pollution that left the Indian capital blanketed with heavy smog. Visibility was so poor that 37 flights were diverted to other airports. Delhi’s Chief Minister called the pollution “unbearable.” [CNN]

¶ “OPIC Has Invested $350 Million In Renewable Sources In India: US State Department” • Overseas Private Investment Corporation, which is a development finance institution of the US government, has invested $350 million in six new solar and wind-power generation facilities in India, according to the US Department of State. []

Solar park in India


¶ “US Renewable Energy Generating Capacity To Grow By 47 GW – FERC Data” • According to a review by the SUN DAY Campaign of data just released by the Federal Energy Regulatory Commission, we are to see net decreases in generating capacities of fossil fuels and nuclear in the next three years. Renewables are expected to grow by 47 GW, however. [pvbuzz media]

¶ “California Fires: Trump Threatens To Pull Federal Aid” • President Donald Trump has threatened to cut federal funding for the wildfires sweeping California, in a Twitter spat with the state’s governor. Nearly 100,000 acres have been destroyed by wildfires in recent weeks, and thousands have been forced from their homes. [BBC]

Fire in California (AFP)

¶ “US Annual Wind Operations And Maintenance Spending To Reach $7.5 Billion” • The US is expected to increase its annual spending on the operations and maintenance of wind energy infrastructure by 50% between 2018 and 2030, according to IHS Markit. This would put the amount at $7.5 billion by the end of that time. [Smart Energy]

¶ “Trump Now Has Opening To Pull US Out Of Paris Climate Pact” • The terms of the Paris Climate Pact say no country can withdraw in the first three years. Today, the Trump actually start the withdrawal process, which begins with a letter to the UN. It would not be official for another year, which ends the day after the next US election. [ABC 57 News]

Have a wonderfully merry day.

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