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October 7 Energy News

October 7, 2019


¶ “In The Mountains, Climate Change Is Disrupting Everything, From How Water Flows To When Plants Flower” • Mountain snowpack is shrinking and melting earlier in the spring. Warmer and longer summers increase the threat of wildfires, and the fire season has lengthened by at least a month since 1979. The list of problems just goes on. [InsideClimate News]

Colorado farmland (Jutta Strohmaier)

¶ “The Paris Agreement Hinges On A European Hydrogen Economy” • Economic theorist Jeremy Rifkin predicted the rise of a hydrogen economy 17 years ago, but he had not foreseen fracking. Now, his words are proving true. Hydrogen has come back on the scene,  with significant implications for climate change and the global economy. [Energy Digital]

¶ “Who are Extinction Rebellion and what do they want?” • Environmental campaign group Extinction Rebellion says it will start two-weeks of protest on Monday, October 7. Extinction Rebellion (XR for short) wants governments to declare a “climate and ecological emergency” and take immediate action to address climate change. [BBC]

Hourglass in a circle logo (Getty Images)

¶ “Oyster Creek, Three Mile Island: How The Power Grid Can Lose Two Nuclear Plants In A Year” • Three Mile Island closed almost exactly a year after Oyster Creek. More nuclear power plant retirements may be on the horizon, including the Davis-Besse and Perry nuclear power plants in Ohio and Beaver Valley, in Pennsylvania. []


¶ “UK Universities In Landmark Deal To Buy Energy Direct From Windfarms” • Twenty of the UK’s leading universities have struck a £50 million deal to buy renewable energy directly from British windfarms for the first time. The collaborative clean energy deal will supply electricity from wind farms across Scotland and Wales. [The Guardian]

Wind farm (Murdo MacLeod | The Guardian)

¶ “Some $71 Billion Of Japanese Coal Assets At Risk From Cheaper Renewables” • As much as $71 billion of Japanese coal assets could be at risk as the economic viability of plants is undermined by cheaper renewable energy, research by the University of Tokyo, Carbon Tracker and the Carbon Disclosure Project showed. [The Business Times]

¶ “Queensland Celebrates 4-GW Solar Milestone: Three Panels For Every Person” • The Queensland state Labor government has celebrated reaching the milestone of 4 GW of solar PV capacity in the state. It says its solar capacity is now more than twice the capacity of the state’s biggest power station, the Gladstone coal generator. [RenewEconomy]

Rugby Run solar project (Adani Renewables)

¶ “‘We Need Support’: Pacific Islands Seek Help And Unity To Fight Climate Change” • Swedish activist Greta Thunberg scolded world leaders for “failing us.” But while one of the groups most vulnerable to climate change, the Pacific Islands, may have received fewer headlines, it was among those making the strongest calls for action. [WKMS]


¶ “California’s Clean Truck Rule: First Of Its Kind And Long Overdue” • California officials are gearing up to launch a momentous new rule to tackle one of the largest sources of pollution in the state: medium- and heavy-duty commercial trucks. After years of deliberation and public input, the rule is the first of its kind and long overdue. [CleanTechnica]

Thor Trucks cab (Kyle Field | CleanTechnica)

¶ “Tesla Model 3 Has 24% of Small And Midsize Luxury Car Sales in USA” • The Tesla Model 3 has taken the US luxury car market by storm, with an estimated market share of 24% for the first three quarters of this year. The Model 3 was by far the best selling luxury car in the country in Q4 of last year, but sales have increased since then. [CleanTechnica]

¶ “State’s Largest Solar Power Project Proposed For Concord, Sardinia” • EDF Renewables has filed documents in Albany to begin the process of seeking a permit to put solar panels on 2,500 acres in the New York towns of Concord and Sardinia. One farmer hopes to earn about $1,000 an acre every year by leasing his property to EDF. [Buffalo News]

Solar panels in a field

¶ “Campus Sustainability Efforts Expanded Wind Energy Initiative” • Carnegie Mellon and ENGIE Resources announced energy agreements to 2024. Carnegie Mellon will buy its energy from Radford’s Run Wind Farm in Macon County, Illinois for its Pittsburgh campus. Eventually, the wind farm will serve all of the campus electricity needs. [CMU The Tartan Online]

¶ “From The Rooftops, Big Box Stores Are Embracing Solar” • At a time when the federal government is increasingly stepping away from addressing issues like sustainability and climate change, corporate America is stepping up. Retail and tech giants are taking action to respond because it’s good for business and good for corporate image. [The New York Times]

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