June 16 Energy News

June 16, 2019


¶ “Renewable Energy Is Now The Cheapest Option – Even Without Subsidies” • New data from the International Renewable Energy Agency (IRENA) demonstrate that using renewable energy is increasingly cost-effective compared to other sources, even when it must compete with the heavily-subsidized fossil fuel industry. [Forbes]

Wind farm (Associated Press)

¶ “When Will Renewable Energy Prices Stop Dropping?” • Renewable energy prices have just kept falling for years, and some people wonder when they will stop. Their understanding is that prices are rather unpredictable. In some important ways, they are wrong. To a surprising degree, the price declines are predictable. [CleanTechnica]

¶ “Curtailment Is The Easy Answer” • A recent article found that curtailment of renewables may be cheaper than grid scale energy storage. Sometimes, the simplest solution is the best solution. But with the complexity of electrical grids, we should look at all available solutions to make sure we are making the best choice for each application. [CleanTechnica]

Block Island wind farm

¶ “Tesla Now Offers Used Model 3’s – Should You Buy One?” • Maybe the management class in college is where the author learned to be able to argue any side of any issue. Or maybe it was politics. Regardless, a used Model 3 is either a great deal or a bad one. Both cases are presented, as either could be true, depending on your situation. [CleanTechnica]

¶ “Memories Of Chernobyl As Acclaimed HBO Series Puts Disaster Back In Focus” • The Chernobyl nuclear disaster has been in the headlines since May, thanks to a television series made by US network HBO. Euronews journalists from Ukraine, Russia, Germany, Poland, Turkey, Iran and Hungary share their memories of the time. [Euronews English]

Abandoned amusement park (Gleb Garanich | Reuters)


¶ “French EV Sales Up 34% In May 2019” • The French plug-in electric vehicle market scored 4,051 registrations in May, up 34% year over year, with fully electric cars (+36%) growing faster than plug-in hybrids (30%). All-electric cars represented 71% of all plug-in sales. This growth is happening as the overall automotive market is stagnating. [CleanTechnica]

¶ “Global Heating To Inflict More Droughts On Africa As Well As Floods” • Global heating could bring many more bouts of both severe drought and increased flooding to Africa than previously had been forecast, scientists of the UK’s Met Office have warned. Alternating drought and flooding  could cripple agriculture in the continent. [The Guardian]

Flooding in Africa (Andrew Kasuku | AFP)

¶ “Volkswagen Will Invest €900 Million In Northvolt” • Swedish battery manufacturer Northvolt and Volkswagen have agreed to a new joint venture. Volkswagen will invest €900 million. For that amount, it will own a 20% stake in Northvolt and have one seat on its board of directors. Volkswagen is not alone in taking interest in Northvolt. [CleanTechnica]

¶ “Mining Methane In Lake Kivu, Rwanda: An Unusual Source Of Renewable Energy” • KivuWatt, a 34-MW power plant in Rwanda, was devised to help reduce the risk of overpressure gas outbursts at Lake Kivu. Since then, the first-of-its-kind integrated methane gas extraction and production facility has become a critical local power producer. [CleanTechnica]

KivuWatt (Image via ContourGlobal)

¶ “G20 Environment And Energy Ministers Meet In Japan” • Environment and energy ministers from the G20 countries are meeting this weekend in the Japanese resort town of Karuizawa. The ministers will focus on energy security, low carbon energy sources, plastic waste, marine litter, and innovations going on in these areas. [Economic Times]

¶ “Tasmanian Wind Farm Plans Are Not All Hot Air, But How Will They Work?” • Tasmania is going into a new era of energy production, with millions of dollars worth of wind farms being constructed, and plans for billions of dollars of more projects in the pipeline. Renewable energy could make the state 95% self-sufficient by the year’s end. [ABC Local]

Winter at a Tasmanian wind farm (Goldwind Australia)

¶ “Bahrain Banking On Cheaper Renewable Energy” • The global weighted average cost of electricity from concentrated solar power declined by 26% last year, according to an IRENA report. Bahrain is banking on a downward renewable energy cost trend encouraging more people to adopt alternative power solutions in their homes. [ZAWYA]


¶ “EPA Air Chief Gave Presentation At Fringe Climate Denier Event, New Emails Show” • A top EPA official gave a presentation last year at a gathering of some of the most zealous deniers of climate science, emails show. The event highlights the influence a small, fringe movement hawking crank theories now wields in Washington. [HuffPost]

Coal at work (The Washington Post Via Getty Images)

¶ “Rivian CEO RJ Scaringe Details Plans To Move Into Stationary Energy Storage” • Rivian Automotive, LLC is a specialist in sustainable transportation, designing and developing EVs. It has designed its batteries so that they can go from use in a vehicle to being used for stationary storage with no more alteration than flipping a switch. [CleanTechnica]

¶ “‘The Oceans Are Taking A Beating’: Seawater Temperatures On SLO’s Coast Keep Getting Higher” • Ocean temperatures are rising. Last year, buoys off southern California smashed their records. The Scripps Nearshore meters reached 81.3°, breaking the old record 80.4° set during the very strong El Niño event of 2015. [San Luis Obispo Tribune]

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