December 2 Energy News

December 2, 2018


¶ “Portrait of a Planet on the Verge of Climate Catastrophe” • As politicians gather for the annual UN climate conference, climate catastrophe looks inevitable. We have simply left it too late to hold rising global temperatures to under 1.5°C and so prevent a future of drowned coasts, ruined coral reefs, spreading deserts, and melted glaciers. [The Guardian]

South Beach, Miami, if temperatures rise by 2°C (Image:
Nickolay Lamm | Climate Central |

¶ “Build a Bridge, Not a Wall: US Companies Have Renewable Energy Opportunities in Mexico” • Mexico has a renewable energy goal of 35% nationally within 5 years and 50% by 2050. That means a lot of renewable energy construction contracts will be awarded south of the border. And US companies are welcome to participate. [CleanTechnica]

¶ “APS May Have Won This Fight, but the Clean Energy War Is Not Over, Tom Steyer Says” • You would be hard pressed to find a utility company more hostile to clean energy, more politically connected, or more brazen in wielding those connections than Arizona Public Service. Well, that’s exactly why we chose to get involved in Arizona. []

Power from the sun and wind

¶ “Backstory: Macron to Close Multiple Nuclear Reactors, but Why Now?” • Wind, solar, a continent-scale grid, and open economic borders all contributed to the death of the French nuclear dream. It became time for France to wake up and join the future, and it has. It voted in a politician who promised to reduce France’s nuclear fleet. [CleanTechnica]

¶ “Houston Cannot Afford to Accept Trump’s View of Climate Change” • It may serve President Donald Trump politically to ignore science, but his willful ignorance comes with a price that others will be left to pay. Ignoring climate change means ignoring the role it played in the severity of Hurricane Harvey and other violent storms. [Houston Chronicle]

Flooding after Hurricane Harvey


¶ “New Report Outlines Investor Risk of Supporting Coal Power” • In the US, coal sputtered when nuclear energy came on the scene, and then cheap natural gas and renewable energy have been bumping coal to the curb. Now a new report shows that in the rest of the world, coal is also slipping down the same slide of doom. [CleanTechnica]

¶ “Trump Administration Plans COP24 Coal Sideshow” • According to Reuters, “three people familiar with the matter” had told them that the Trump Administration is planning to set up a side event (read: sideshow) promoting the use of fossil fuels at the upcoming COP24 UN climate talks to be held in Katowice, Poland. [CleanTechnica]

Coal trains

¶ “NZ Makes Solar Power Accessible to All” • Solar power is now available to all New Zealanders through online subscriptions. The Climate Change Minister is backing the worlds first virtual solar power plant. SolarCity is connecting communities to a national solar power grid while cutting electricity costs and reducing carbon emissions. [Māori Television]

¶ “Green Energy Financing Blooms as Investors Look Beyond Profits” • Environment-friendly finance is blooming thanks to investors willing to weigh profits against ecology, but decisions about meaningful investments can be complex. Debate rages over which technologies are worthy of green investor money, and which are not. []

Offshore wind turbines

¶ “India to Float Its Largest Solar Tender by 15 December for 23,000 MW Ultra Mega Solar Projects in Leh, Ladakh” • As part of initiatives under the National Solar Mission, India’s renewable energy ministry launched an ambitious plan to implement 23 GW of solar projects in the Leh and Ladakh regions of Jammu and Kashmir, The Hindu reported. [Swarajya]


¶ “Climate Change Clobbers Colorado and the West, Unfurling Fire, Drought, Insects, and Heat” • The impacts of global warming, wildfires, invasive species, declining snowpacks, and drought intensifying across Colorado and the West with costs in the billions, have happened precisely as scientists have been predicting. [The Denver Post]

Home rebuilt after a fire (Helen H Richardson | The Denver Post)

¶ “Exxon Will Use Wind, Solar Power to Produce Crude Oil in Texas” • Under 12-year agreements with Denmark’s Orsted A/S, Exxon will buy 500 MW of wind and solar power in the Permian Basin, the fastest growing US oil field. It is the largest ever renewable power contract signed by an oil company, according to Bloomberg NEF. [Independent Online]

¶ “Connecticut Preps for Weather Extremes, Flooding Highlighted in Climate Report” • One ecologist focused on Connecticut’s coastal habitats hopes students learn at least two basic lessons: Before buying a property, find out if it’s in a flood zone; and don’t get Lyme disease. But preparations for climate change go far beyond that. []

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