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June 6 Energy News

June 6, 2018


¶ “Carbon Collapse: Fossil fuels to lose ALL their value costing global economy $4 Trillion” • The global economy is looking at a “time bomb” due to a “carbon bubble” from investment in fossil fuels which is likely to burst, wipe off trillions from the global economy and bring devastation to the planet, according to terrifying new research. []

Use of fossil fuels (Getty Images)


¶ The African Development Bank, the Green Climate Fund, and the Africa50 investment fund signed a letter of intent on the sidelines of annual meetings late May that will see the three international organizations collaborate on the Desert to Power Program, an initiative aimed at developing solar throughout the Sahel region of Africa. [CleanTechnica]

¶ A consortium led by Mainstream Renewable Power has reached financial close on two wind farms in South Africa totalling 250-MW. Construction of the 140-MW Kangnas project, near Springbok in the Northern Cape, and the 110-MW Perdekraal East facility, north-east of Ceres in the Western Cape, is expected to start this month. [reNews]

South African wind turbine (Mainstream Renewable Power)

¶ The Indian Ministry of New and Renewable Energy has now set its sights on “over achieving” the target of installing 175 GW of renewable energy by 2022. The ministry’s projections say that India will have 225 GW of installed renewable energy by 2022. In the past four years, solar power has grown by a factor of nine, and wind by 50%. [Business Line]

¶ The Green for Growth Fund said it would provide €32 million ($37.44 million) financing for Serbia’s first large-scale wind farms, to help the Balkan country diversify its energy mix and reduce carbon dioxide emissions. The fund said it would provide €18.35 million for the 158-MW Cibuk windfarm, Serbia’s biggest wind project to date. [Reuters]

Wind farm (Christian Hartmann | Reuters File Photo)

¶ Engie Energia Chile SA signed an agreement to supply renewable power to a facility of local construction company Cementos BSA in Chile. EEC will deliver the equivalent to 35 GWh per year, enough to cover 100% of Cementos BSA’s needs at that plant. The electricity will come from local solar and hydropower plants. [Renewables Now]

¶ Australian electricity retailer Flow Power announced a deal to buy the output of a 50-MW portion of the Kiamal Solar Farm, which is expected to be the largest solar facility in Victoria. The power purchase agreement was signed with Total Eren SA, the French renewable energy company. Oil group Total SA owns a stake in Total Eren. [Renewables Now]

Solar farm (Photo: iamme ubeyou, CC0 1.0 Universal)

¶ Ukrainian authorities reported that a fire had broken out in the exclusion zone around the Chernobyl nuclear plant. According to the authorities, the fire covered 10 hectares of the so-called “red forest,” which the Chernobyl Disaster contaminated heavily. The fire was the result of prolonged drought and high temperatures in the region. [Sputnik International]

¶ EDF Renewables, together with two other owners and about 170 guests, celebrated the inauguration of the Nicolas-Riou Wind Project in Quebec. The project has a capacity of 224.25 MW. It illustrates the importance of collaboration and support of local communities in the development and implementation of renewable energy projects. [Financial Post]

Nicolas-Riou Wind Project (Business Wire)


¶ The world’s first grid-scale liquid air energy storage plant has been officially launched near Manchester. The 5-MW/15-MWh plant is the first grid-scale demonstration of liquid air energy storage. LAES technology stores air as a liquid, and then converts it back to a gas by letting it boil, driving a turbine to generate electricity. [Power Engineering International]

¶ Microsoft has sunk a data centre in the sea off Orkney to see whether it can boost energy efficiency. The data centre, a white cylinder containing computers, could sit on the sea floor for up to five years. An undersea cable brings the data centre power and takes its data to the shore and the wider internet. But repairs are not possible. [BBC]

New Microsoft data center

¶ Welsh First Minister Carwyn Jones called for Tidal Lagoon Power’s proposed 320-MW Swansea Bay project to be offered price supports similar to those of the Hinkley Point C nuclear plant. In a letter to UK energy secretary Greg Clark, Jones said Swansea Bay should be given a 35 year Contract for Difference worth £92.50/MWh in 2012 prices. [reNews]


¶ In Las Vegas, Wynn Resorts began drawing power from its new solar array outside Fallon, about 375 miles away. The 160-acre, 20-MW Wynn Solar Facility went online just in time for triple-digit temperatures, spiking energy prices, and an announcement of a new position in the resort company, a chief sustainability officer. [Las Vegas Review-Journal]

An earlier 1-MW Wynn Resorts solar array (Wynn Resorts)

¶ “Sea level rise” and “climate change” are not phrases Trump appointees typically use to describe anything but hoaxes. But on Monday, the acting head of NOAA, spoke to a crowd of more than 600 scientists, advocates, and policymakers about the agency’s commitment to studying climate change and its effect on the warming oceans. [Mother Jones]

¶ Hawaii has three new laws that seek to make the state carbon neutral by 2045. One of them establishes the carbon neutral goal. Another will make the funds that are derived from carbon offsets available to plant more trees in the islands. And the third requires new building projects to consider sea level rise in engineering decisions. [CleanTechnica]

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