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April 22 Energy News

April 22, 2018


¶ “‘Greening’ project could end use of fossil fuel for Centennial Flame” • Natural gas piped from the West has been bubbling through the fountain in the Centennial Flame monument for 50 years, but the federal government is studying options to make it more eco-friendly. Will the Centennial Flame become the Centennial LED? []

The Centennial Flame (Philippe Turgeon | CBC)

¶ “We can fix this: Don’t be dispirited by Big Oil’s power in the age of Trump – real climate change solutions are in reach” • How much time do we have? The scientists have long warned us that warming by 2° (3.6° F) would be reckless. We are far more than halfway there, but with clear and ambitious targets, we can limit warming. [New York Daily News]


¶ Electric vehicle fever has definitely caught on in Germany, with March coming in as a record month and echoing France’s record electric car sales month. Diesel-powered car sales sank by a quarter, regular gasoline-powered cars are up 9%, CNG cars are up 519% (to 1,046 units), plug-in hybrids are up 32%, and fully electric cars are up 73%. [CleanTechnica]

VW e-Golf 2

¶ Average used plug-in electric vehicle resale prices rose by 41% in the UK during the first quarter of the year, according to a report at Autorola. The overall used car resale price rose 5.3% during the first quarter, an increase that is presumably comes with lower discretionary income among much of the population in recent times. [CleanTechnica]

¶ The  nonprofit Kopernik runs its Wonder Women program in Eastern Indonesia to empower local women with the resources needed to start their own cleantech businesses. Kopernik trains local women on a variety of clean tech solutions including solar lanterns, water filters, and biomass stoves needing half the fuel of traditional fires. [CleanTechnica]


¶ State Bank of India announced that it has saved ₹125 crore ($18.8 million) in the last eight years by putting up 10 wind turbines, and it expects to save ₹30 crore ($4.5 million) annually through its renewable energy investments. The bank installed 10 windmills having a capacity of 1.5 MW each and also invested in solar power. [Greater Kashmir]

¶ The world’s most powerful wind turbine, which was installed in the sea off the coast of Aberdeen, is the first of eleven such beasts that will make up the European Offshore Wind Deployment Centre. The wind farm will cost £300 million to build. A single propeller rotation can reportedly power an average home for a whole day. []

Wind turbine off Aberdeen (TVP Film and Multimedia Ltd)


¶ In California, the Straus Family Creamery announced several ongoing sustainability initiatives leading up to Earth Day. The creamery has long practiced sustainable organic farming. Straus’ newer innovative programs range from resilient packaging and water conservation to carbon-free energy and electric vehicle usage. [GlobeNewswire]

¶ Virginia has been slow to realize the benefits of clean energy technologies. This session, however, legislators have passed bills that will take meaningful steps toward increasing utility investment in renewable energy and modernizing Virginia’s framework for evaluating and approving utility efficiency programs. []

Solar panels in Louisa County (2016, Times-Dispatch)

¶ The Sierra Club held its second annual Arkansas March for Science rally today at Little Rock, the state capitol. The Sierra Club has a message for local elected officials: science matters to everyone. It is demanding that the elected officials both support and rely on science when making important public policy decisions. [ KTHV]

¶ A DOE website says the US and Russia each have 34 metric tons of plutonium designated for destruction under a treaty signed in 2010. That is enough to make 17,000 nuclear weapons. But the United States has no permanent plan for what to do with its share. Scientists say solving the problem of plutonium storage is urgent. [The Japan Times]

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