January 19 Energy News

January 19, 2018


¶ Masdar and Statoil announced that they have signed a collaborative agreement to analyze data from the integrated energy storage system that was designed and installed alongside the world’s first commercial-scale floating offshore wind farm, the 30-MW Hywind Scotland. The project will study potentials for integration. [CleanTechnica]

Hywind Scotland floating wind farm

¶ Rooftop solar systems with a combined capacity of 35 MW will be installed at 500 public schools in Palestine, according to the Palestine Investment Fund, which has been selected as developer of the project. The Noor Palestine program aims to reduce dependence on energy imports and strengthen Palestine’s energy security. [Renewables Now]

¶ The French government announced a plan that will simplify administrative procedures and accelerate the development of wind power projects in order to double its installed generation capacity by 2023. The proposed reforms are intended to cut in half the average time it takes for wind power projects to be completed and connected to the grid. [Reuters]

French wind farm (Photo: Christian Hartmann | Reuters)

¶ Masdar signed an agreement to deliver a wind power portfolio of more than 800 MW in Egypt alongside Elsewedy Electric and Marubeni Corporation. The three entities are partnering for the first time to build on their existing renewable energy capacity in Egypt. Masdar has already developed a number of solar power plants in Egypt. [Emirates 24|7]

¶ Norway is aiming to be the first country in the world to switch to 100% electric planes for short-haul flights, the country’s airport operator Avinor has announced. The company wants all of the country’s short-haul airliners to be electric by 2040, in what is the most goal yet adopted for the embryonic electric aviation sector. [www.businessgreen.com]


¶ Capital Stage AG, a Hamburg-based solar and wind park operator, has announced a partnership with the Ireland Strategic Investment Fund to co-invest in a Power Capital portfolio, consisting of more than 20 solar farms with a total generating capacity of 140 MW. The investment is ISIF’s first for solar park developments in Ireland. [Independent.ie]

¶ The Pico Alto geothermal power plant in Terceirea on the Azores Islands was commissioned in November of 2017. The plant is expected to cover up to 10% of the island’s electricity needs this year. The Azorean president pointed out that the Azores already have 37% of the electricity produced from renewable sources. [ThinkGeoEnergy]

Pico Alto geothermal power plant (Source: Exergy ORC)

¶ UK house-holders can cut their domestic energy bills by up to 66% by turning their homes into mini-power stations, according to Japanese car giant Nissan. Excess energy collected via solar panels on sunny days and stored in a fridge-sized home-battery during off-peak times could be sold back to the national grid when demand for it is at its highest. [This is Money]

¶ Wind power generation in the UK, which exceeded 10 GW for the first time on January 13, reached 13.6 GW on January 17, according to data by Drax Electric Insights. At 13.6 GW, it supplied 29% of the country’s total power between 1245 and 1315 local time, UK power producer Drax Group Plc said in a social media post. [Renewables Now]

Fraisthorpe wind farm

¶ ITM Power, the energy storage and clean fuel company, together with Shell, will be building a new hydrogen electrolysis plant, the largest of its kind in the world. The plant will be built at Rhineland refinery, Germany and will have a peak capacity of 10 MW. The H2 will be used for making products and for testing technology. [gasworld]


¶ Avangrid Renewables, announced that it has signed its second major wind contract with Nike, this time for 86 MW of Texas wind power. The power purchase agreement will cover the remaining portion of Avangrid Renewables 286-MW Karankawa Wind Farm in Bee and San Patricio counties, just east of Mathis, Texas. [EnerCom Inc]

Baffin Wind Farm (Photo: Business Wire)

¶ In Massachusetts, the Northampton City Council voted unanimously to pass a resolution showing support for the ideal of achieving 100% renewable energy reliance. It is a goal that’s been championed by a number of other Massachusetts communities; six other municipalities have already signed resolutions supporting it. [MassLive.com]

¶ By about this time next year, residents and businesses of Camarillo, California may be seeing lower electric bills. The Camarillo City Council voted unanimously to move forward with plans to bring in an alternate supplier of electricity to compete with Southern California Edison through a community choice aggregation program. [Camarillo Acorn]

Taking back the power

¶ A new ISO-NE report finds that New England’s grid is vulnerable to a season-long outage of any of several major energy facilities, such as the 688-MW Pilgrim nuclear plant, which recently went offline when a cold snap caused the loss of a power line to the plant. The most concerning trend is increased reliance on natural gas. [RTO Insider]

¶ Nine regulated units at five power plants in Virginia with combined capacity of 1,208 MW will be put into “cold reserve” later this year, Dominion Energy said. The Richmond, Virginia-based holding company also said it will be eliminating about 295 positions at its Power Generation Group and about 100 positions at its nuclear facilities. [Platts]

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