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June 20 Energy News

June 20, 2017


¶ “Is renewable energy in Devon ‘an unmitigated disaster’?” • Countryside campaigners and renewable energy experts have clashed on how renewable energy has benefited the county, with campaigners calling it “an unmitigated disaster.” One campaigner said the county would be better served by a power plant burning natural gas. [Devon Live]

Agriculture and solar power

¶ “UK’s ‘stunning Sunday’ of 70% low-carbon power offers glimpse of near future” • Once again, renewable power hit records in the UK. An upshot of more renewable power on the grid is that as demand for power on the grid reduces, so also do prices. With high wind output last week, the UK recorded its first negative power prices. [pv magazine]

¶ “Texas Is Too Windy and Sunny for Old Energy Companies to Make Money” • South Texas is to wind power what Napa Valley is to wine and Georgia is to peaches. For not only does the state’s Gulf Coast generate strong evening gusts, but it also blows fiercely in the middle of the day, just as electricity consumption is peaking. [Bloomberg]

Baffin Wind Power Project (Photo: Eddie Seal | Bloomberg)


¶ In Australia, the Turnbull government announced measures to force down electricity prices and could even invest in a new coal-fired power plant, after the Coalition party room ticked off on most recommendations in the Finkel review. But it did not back not the implementation of the review’s post-2020 Clean Energy Target. [The Sydney Morning Herald]

¶ Qinghai Province in northwest China will provide all electricity from renewable sources from June 17 to 23, the Qinghai branch of the State Grid Corporation of China announced at a press conference on Sunday. Of the estimated 1,225 GWh needed for the week, 78.3% will be generated by water power, and by other renewable sources. [gbtimes]

PV array in Qinghai Province (Photo: China News Service)

¶ An Australian power company is supporting not-for-profits and community organisations to build small-scale renewable energy solutions. Powershop’s Your Community Energy initiative pools together small premium amounts of customers who purchase the package and distributes them to community energy projects in Australia. [Pro Bono Australia]

¶ Israel’s Eco Wave Power has taken the wraps off plans to build a 4.1-MW project in Mexico’s Manzanillo Port. The unveiling follows the procurement of a so-called interconnection approval from Mexico’s National Energy Control Centre for 25 MW of grid capacity. The 4.1-MW project will be located in the beach area of Cuyutlán-Tepalcates. [reNews]

Wave project in Gibraltar (Image: Eco Wave Power)

¶ Vattenfall’s onshore Ray Wind Farm in Northumberland is now fully operational. The 54.4-MW facility, which cost £90 million, is on the Ray Estate, near Kirkwhelpington. Its 16 wind turbines are expected to produce as much energy each year as over 30,000 UK households use. Construction began in July 2015. [Energy Live News]

¶ The largest coal mining company in the world, Coal India, has announced plans to decommission a total of 37 mines that are no longer economically viable in India. According to Coal India, all 37 mines will be retired by March next year. They represent about 9% of the total number of mines operated by Coal India. [Climate Action Programme]

Coal mine

¶ Scottish Equity Partners has provided project funding for the €8.7-million, 4.6-MW Curraghderrig wind farm in the Republic of Ireland. The project is on the south-west coast of Ireland in Kerry, near the village of Asdee. It will have two 2.3-MW Enercon E-70 turbines, which will generate sufficient energy to power over 3,100 homes. [London Loves Business]


¶ A year has passed since the release of the historic and widely supported Joint Proposal to retire and replace California’s last remaining nuclear plant, Diablo Canyon, with lower-cost zero-carbon resources within nine years. While there have been several procedural developments, the plan is on track. [Natural Resources Defense Council]

Diablo Canyon nuclear plant

¶ The Trump administration sees nuclear power as “a very important part” of an all-of-the-above energy strategy, DOE Secretary Rick Perry said. “Bringing our nuclear energy industry back, small modular reactors for instance, that’s on the front burner so to speak,” he told CNBC’s “Squawk Box” at the SelectUSA Investment Summit. [AppsforPCdaily]

¶ In light of a new report, a ranking member of the Senate Energy and Natural Resources Committee spoke against the divestiture of the transmission assets of the Bonneville Power Administration, as proposed in President Donald Trump’s budget for fiscal year 2018. She said the report showed how damaging the proposal is. [Electric Light & Power]

Transmission lines

¶ Rainy Investments is having more than 3,700 solar panels installed on roofs of a 12,000-square-foot industrial building in Elgin, Illinois. Elgin’s Community Development office said, “the panels will generate approximately 1.2 MW of electricity, and this renewable energy can then be purchased by users at a below-market rate.” [Chicago Tribune]

¶ Solar panels on top of canopies and blue-colored “trees” will provide energy at no cost to Fort Myers, and the electricity generated will benefit everyone, since the City Council agreed to participate in FPL’s SolarNow program. FPL will build and maintain the solar trees and canopies, and according to FPL, there is no catch. [The News-Press]

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