April 23 Energy News

April 23, 2017


¶ “This Earth Day, 100 percent clean energy is 100 percent possible” • More than 25 US cities, 12 countries, and at least 89 companies have all committed to transition to 100% renewable energy. It is time to recognize that with the right mix of clean energy technologies and solutions, 100% renewable is 100% possible. [Environmental Defense Fund]

100% clean energy

¶ “Out of sight, out of mind: The energy department website shifts focus to the economy” • The US DOE’s pages on bioenergy and wind energy as well as transportation have both reduced their mentions of greenhouse gas emissions and reducing fossil fuel use in favor of language more geared toward jobs and energy independence. [Salon]

Science and Technology:

¶ And another vertical takeoff and landing (VTOL) aircraft takes to the sky, this time it was the first successful test flight of the Lilium Electric VTOL Taxi. The Lilium Electric VTOL Taxi will have a range of 187 miles and a top speed of 187 MPH. It would be an on-demand, all-electric airway taxi system that is quiet and free of traffic. [CleanTechnica]

Lilium Electric VTOL Taxi, from behind (Courtesy: Lilium)

¶ Coral reefs aren’t just threatened by pollution, acidification, and rising temperatures. In some places, erosion of the seafloor is undermining them, US Geological Survey scientists said in a new study that looked at reefs in Florida, the Caribbean and Hawaii. In some sites, the reefs can’t keep pace with sea level rise. [Summit County Citizens Voice]


¶ As part of a local effort to increase alternative energy sources, the Japanese city of Kobe teamed up with Starbucks and researchers at Kindai University to carry out tests on producing biomass fuel generated from such things as used coffee grounds. The plan is to produce a solid fuel called “biocoke” that uses waste for fuel. [The Japan Times]

Biomass fuel to come from used coffee grounds (iStock)

¶ With the inauguration of a new entrance gate, solar panels, a 3-D website and a new sales counter, the 87-year-old Allahabad Museum can now boast of many new facilities. Governor Ram said that Allahabad Museum, by using solar PV technology, has become the first museum in India to be self-reliant in power generation. [ETEnergyworld.com]

¶ Seven renewable energy projects were cleared to proceed undertaking grid impact studies as of March, latest data from the Philippine Department of Energy showed. These projects are seen to generate 562 MW of power to the grid. They include three wind projects to be developed by Currimao Solar Energy Corp and three solar projects. [Philippine Star]

Solar project in the Philippines (Philstar.com | File)

¶ For more than four years, residents were barred from the hamlet of Naraha, in Fukushima, after the meltdowns at the Fukushima Daiichi nuclear power plant. This month, six years after the disaster, and over a year since the evacuation order was lifted, 105 students turned up at Naraha Elementary and Junior High School. [Pittsburgh Post-Gazette]


¶ The Florida House and Senate are set to take up proposals to carry out a voter-approved expansion of a renewable-energy tax break, as bill language seems to be more agreeable to solar proponents. They are working on the proposals to carry out a renewable-energy constitutional amendment, which voters approved. [Orlando Weekly]

Solar array in Florida (Photo by Global Panorama via Flickr)

¶ Volkswagen AG has been sentenced to 3 years probation by a US federal judge in relation to the $4.3 billion diesel emissions cheating scandal. That includes independent oversight of the company. The company released a statement acknowledging fault and saying, “Volkswagen today is not the same company it was 19 months ago” [CleanTechnica]

¶ Macy’s has deployed 21 solar energy systems at a time on Earth Day. Altogether, there are 15 MW of solar energy stations distributed among the seven states of Bloomingdale’s locations. According to the Solar Energy Industries Association, Macy’s was ranked fourth for 2016 in terms of position in the world of renewable energy. [Ratings Alerts]

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