April 16 Energy News

April 16, 2017


¶ “The Nuclear Industry Is Heading Into a Financial Black Hole That Threatens Any Future Expansion” • Any lingering hope that a nuclear power renaissance would help combat climate change appears to have been dashed by the Westinghouse bankruptcy. “There is no one left to invest anymore because renewables are just cheaper.” [Truthdig]

Sunset at the Sellafield nuclear plant (Dom Crayford | Flickr)

¶ “Why scientists are fighting back. We’ve had enough of Trump’s war on facts” • Next Saturday, in Washington, DC, and in rallies around the world, scientists and their supporters will stage what is likely to be the largest gathering of its kind in history. The March for Science has mobilised scientists and their supporters as never before. [The Guardian]

¶ “The de-electrification of the US economy” • The initial drop in electricity use in 2008 and 2009 could be attributed partly to the economic downturn. But the economy grew again in 2010, and every year since. Meanwhile, electricity use in the US is still below its 2007 level. Per-capita electricity use has fallen for six years in a row. [Livemint]

Transmission lines (Photo: Bloomberg)


¶ India will add nearly 600 million new electricity consumers by 2040, according to the International Energy Agency. Taking the increasing population into account, along with a high policy priority to make power accessible across India, renewable forms of energy offer the best solution. DC solar products are seeing good traction in rural India. [Firstpost]

¶ Tawau Green Energy Sdn Bhd announced that it is on track to develop Malaysia’s first geothermal power plant project in Sabah, in 2019. The company has received all requisite approvals to develop, construct, operate, and maintain a geothermal power plant, exporting 30 MW to the Sabah Grid at a feed-in tariff of RM0.45/kWh (10¢/kWh). [ThinkGeoEnergy]

Geothermal project site in Sabah (source: Tawau Green Energy)

¶ The Energy Minister for the Indian state of Telangana said the state government will announce a new program to encourage solar power generation in every house. He inaugurated a 143-MW solar power generation project that was established ReNew Power, with an investment of ₹1,000 crore ($150.3 million). [The New Indian Express]

¶ Madhya Pradesh government will sign a power purchase agreement with the Delhi Metro Rail Corporation on April 17 to supply 24% of electricity generated from the Rewa ultra mega solar project to be set up in the state. The 750-MW project will have three units of 250 MW. They are planned be operational in 18 months. [Hindustan Times]

Delhi Metro (Reuters photo)


¶ EPA administrator Scott Pruitt may have to back up his false claims on greenhouse gases and climate change in court. A lawsuit filed by the watchdog group Public Employees for Environmental Responsibility wants him to produce studies backing up his statements questioning the role of CO2 in climate change. [Summit County Citizens Voice]

¶ Several new jobs are coming to a power plant in Lynchburg, Virginia, that has sat dormant for five years, according to Eagle Creek Renewable energy. Appalachian Power transferred the Reusens hydroelectric plant, which had closed in 2011, to Eagle Creek. An Eagle Creek spokesman said the plant will provide about 40,000 MWh per year. [WSET]

Reusens hydroelectric plant (Appalachian Power)

¶ Two Albuquerque City Council members announced that they will soon file legislation that will allow the city to issue $25 million in renewable energy bonds. The money will go toward installing solar panels on city buildings throughout the city. Albuquerque is committed to getting 25% of its energy from solar by 2025. [Albuquerque Journal]

¶ California’s famously congested freeways may soon do more than create headaches. State officials agreed last week to fund an initiative to generate electrical power from traffic, a plan that involves harnessing road vibrations with the intent of turning the automobile, like the sun and wind, into a viable source of renewable energy. [WatertownDailyTimes.com]

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