January 30 Energy News

January 30, 2017


¶ “California’s Grid Geeks: A beacon of hope” • This is the last segment of an exclusive six-part series that takes an in-depth look at California’s transition to over 50% renewable electricity. In the face of President Trump’s apparent indifference to global warming, the state has become a beacon of hope for climate activists. [GreenBiz]

A beacon of hope (Photo: Lucky Photographer / Shutterstock)

A beacon of hope (Photo: Lucky Photographer / Shutterstock)

¶ “The Exxon Tillerson left behind: hidebound, secretive, and wedded to tradition at a time of mind-boggling change” • Exxon is doubling down on tradition, with a zeal that harkens back to a time when oil was the undisputed commodity of the moment and the future. In the face of changing times, it will bound to its outdated ways. [Quartz]


¶ The French energy giant Engie announced it had secured financial close for the $1.2 billion gas-powered cogeneration plant on Saudi Arabia’s Fadhili independent power project. The country’s National Transformation Plan includes development of over 13 GW of gas-fired plants, which are due in the next few years. [Utilities-ME.com]

Gas plant in Qatar

Gas plant in Qatar

¶ British oil giant BP has cut forecasts for long-term oil and gas demand as renewable power takes more market share, energy efficiency slashes demand and the popularity of electric and driverless cars grows. BP said energy efficiency and renewable power will be more of a threat to its existing business than they were a year ago. [The Australian]

¶ The proper utilization of the Philippine’s rivers and its raw water supply can provide the much-needed boost to help the country sustain growth, the country’s top environment official said. Clean development would benefit various sectors, including agriculture, fisheries, power, transportation, and various other industries. [Business Mirror]

Fishing village in Mindanao

Fishing village in Mindanao

¶ After the removal of sanctions against Iran, once again the country has become an attractive market for the world’s energy companies. More than €10 billion worth of energy projects has been proposed by foreign companies, the Energy Minister said. He also assured investors and producers about Iran’s financial support. [Tehran Times]

¶ The Asian Development Bank has agreed to provide $109 million for the Muara Laboh geothermal power generation project in Indonesia. Approved last December, the funding is part of ADB’s strategy to boost private sector-led infrastructure development in Asia and the Pacific, as well as extend support
for clean energy. [Power Technology]

Geothermal power plant (Photo: Asian Development Bank.)

Geothermal power plant (Photo: Asian Development Bank.)

¶ With the future of some of its coal-fired generators in doubt, the town of Collie in Western Australia may be revitalized with new solar, biomass, and pumped hydro facilities according to a plan of the Western Australian Opposition Labor party. The party pledged $30 million each towards a biomass plant a solar farm in the town. [Echonetdaily]

¶ The Egyptian Ministry of Electricity will present a detailed memorandum to the cabinet within two weeks. Government sources say it addresses new and renewable energy projects and includes a report of electricity production surplus. It also discusses the Gulf of Suez wind farm, under development by Toyota alliance. [Daily News Egypt]

Renewable power in Egypt

Renewable power in Egypt

¶ TEPCO may have found fuel debris from the meltdown under reactor No 2 at the Fukushima Daiichi power station. If confirmed to be nuclear fuel debris, the discovery, made with a remotely controlled camera attached to the end of a 10.5-meter telescopic arm, could shed light on the condition of melted fuel in the reactor. [The Japan Times]


¶ In the wake of the election, text messaging sessions among four friends, women who were scientists, about ordinary events in their lives changed. Their discussions turned into an email chain, supporting a pledge for inclusivity in science and the need for reason in politics. That pledge has now signed by more than 14,000 women in science. [Salon]

NASA presentation (Credit: NASA HQ /flickr)

NASA presentation (Credit: NASA HQ /flickr)

¶ Most New Jersey voters in both political parties want the state to move to 100% clean power by 2050, according to a poll by the New Jersey League of Conservation Voters, released this week. A policy requiring the state to get 100% of its energy from clean energy by 2050 was supported by 70%. Only 15% were opposed. [Press of Atlantic City]

¶ When the Nine Mile Point reactor first went online, Richard Nixon was president, the Beatles were still a band and Three Mile Island, Chernobyl and Fukushima weren’t yet bywords for the hazards of nuclear power. Almost 50 years later, New York state is betting big on the future of one of the nation’s two oldest nuclear plants. [The Daily Herald]

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