January 24 Energy News

January 24, 2017


¶ “Disobedience: A Primer On Climate Change Action In The Age Of Trump” • Donald Trump’s environmental proposals are
a nightmare. But what can people do to push back against this concerted campaign of lunacy? And how can you fight city hall? On April 30, a new movie entitled Disobedience will be released. [CleanTechnica]

Screen shot

Screen shot


¶ Sourcing renewable electricity by corporate entities can be a major driver of the much-needed transition to a zero-emissions economy, RE100 said in its annual report, published advance of the World Economic Forum’s Annual Meeting. It also boasted adding three major European businesses to its 100% renewable energy campaign. [CleanTechnica]

¶ The Scottish Government published a draft climate change plan which aims to cut greenhouse gas emissions by 66% by 2032. Scotland exceeded an interim target of delivering a 42% emissions reduction in 2014 – six years early. At the start of 2013, only 13% of the country’s total final energy consumption had come from renewable sources. [Energy Voice]

Wind turbines

Wind turbines

¶ Australia’s government has “no plans” to change the Renewable Energy Target, environment minister Josh Frydenberg has said in response to reports that conservative Coalition MPs want the target dropped. He said that the RET was “balanced” but “not cost free,” and attacked Labor for its 50% target on renewables. [The Guardian]

¶ 2017 heralds ‘significant change’ in the British energy market. Wholesale prices had surpassed £1,000/MWh in November. Market volatility is nothing new to those in the agriculture sector, but ahead of Brexit and potential loss of income support, British farmers need to concentrate on improving business efficiencies and reducing risk. [FarmingUK]

Even with lower subsidies, renewable energy is worthwhile.

Even with lower subsidies, renewable energy is worthwhile.

¶ While the negative rhetoric around wind energy continues, in many British newspapers and increasingly from the government itself, a renewables revolution continues quietly going on. The Hornsea One project off the coast of Yorkshire, the Noor solar project in Morocco, the MeyGen tidal project, and others are noted. [Power Technology]

¶ The levelized cost of offshore wind energy dropped in the UK because of larger, more efficient turbines, competitive auctions, and cheaper capital, according to a report. The levelized costs dropped 32% last year, to £97/MWh, beating a goal to pass the £100/MWh threshold by 2020, and making offshore wind cheaper than nuclear power. [Bloomberg]

Offshore wind power (Photo: Simon Dawson / Bloomberg)

Offshore wind power (Photo: Simon Dawson / Bloomberg)


¶ A representative survey of Americans, conducted by the Yale Program on Climate Change Communication and the George Mason University Center for Climate Change Communication in late 2016, has found that a record number are “very worried” about global warming, while a clear majority expressed concern about the issue. [CleanTechnica]

¶ California now has three completed energy-storage sites, and they constitute the biggest test yet for the technology, notes The New York Times. Energy-storage development picked up after a massive 2015 gas leak in Aliso Canyon, a large-scale disaster for the environment that also cut off fuel to local power plants. [Christian Science Monitor]

Wind turbines in Washington (Rick Bowmer / AP / File)

Wind turbines in Washington (Rick Bowmer / AP / File)

¶ The Centers for Disease Control confirmed that it postponed a summit scheduled for next month on climate change and public health ahead of President Donald Trump’s inauguration. The scheduled keynote speaker said that the Trump administration may not have directly cancelled the conference, but it bears the hallmark of his influence. [CNN]

¶ As President Donald Trump prepares to boost fossil fuel production, a Pew Research Center poll finds that nearly two-thirds of Americans would rather the US focus on developing clean energy. The new poll shows that 27% said fossil fuels should be a priority, compared with 65% who favored renewable energy. [Huffington Post]

Climate protester (Kevin Lamarque / Reuters)

Climate protester (Kevin Lamarque / Reuters)

¶ The Senate Foreign Relations Committee narrowly approved Rex Tillerson as Secretary of State, despite concerns about his business ties to Russia. Where votes on cabinet positions are usually non-partisan, this one had 11 Republicans voting in favor and all 10 Democrats against. The matter now goes to a Senate dominated by Republicans. [BBC]

¶ PSEG Solar Source acquired two North Carolina solar power facilities from BayWa re, with a total capacity of 47 MWs-dc. The a total investment was $74.6 million. The PSEG Cork Oak Solar Energy Center and the PSEG Sunflower Solar Energy Center are under construction and scheduled to begin operation later this year. [Electric Light & Power]

Solar array

Solar array

¶ A 2.2-MW gas-powered fuel cell was installed at a high school in Woodbridge, Connecticut.The fuel cell also provides heat for the high school, and will soon serve as the generation source for the Town’s microgrid, which will supply continuous power to seven municipal buildings during outages caused by storms and similar events. [Patch.com]

¶ Two Massachusetts lawmakers hope to wean the state off fossil fuels completely and get 100% of its energy from renewable source. A bill they filed would require the state to achieve total renewable electricity generation by 2035 and phase out fossil fuels across all sectors, including heating and transportation, by 2050. [Electric Light & Power]

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