December 11 Energy News

December 11, 2016

Science and Technology:

¶ Climate change may be to blame for the deadly avalanche in Tibet, a study found. On July 17, more than 70 million tonnes of ice broke off from the Aru glacier in the mountains of western Tibet. Glacial collapse is unprecedented in that area of Tibet, which for decades has seemed to resist the effects of climate change. [The Statesman]

Avalanche (Getty Images)

Avalanche (Getty Images)


¶ The Solar Energy Corporation of India has launched a tender of 1000 MW capacity for the development of grid-connected rooftop solar capacity for Central Government Ministries and Departments. This would be the largest rooftop tender for SECI, which has commissioned rooftop solar projects with over 54 MW of capacity. [NetIndian]

¶ Eleven oil-producing countries that are not OPEC members agreed to cut their output to boost prices. The group, which includes Russia, said that they will cut production by 558,000 barrels per day. OPEC announced last month that it would be reducing its own production to ease an over-saturated global market. [BBC]

Worker in a Siberian oil field (Reuters image)

Worker in a Siberian oil field (Reuters image)

¶ Renewable energy can add resiliency to electricity grids, and there’s no reason why individual states can’t set their own goals higher than a national target, a senior GE technology director says. His comments bolster the case made by state governments acting on their own, such as Queensland, Victoria, and South Australia. [Queensland Country Life]

¶ Negotiations to construct the $300 million Singida Wind Farm in Tanzania are in advanced stages. It has a potential capacity of 100 MW of wind-powered electricity. It is being developed by Wind Power East Africa Limited in the country’s Singida Region. Construction is expected to begin in April or May of 2017. [The Exchange]

Tanzania is developing renewable energy

Tanzania is developing wind, solar, and geothermal power.

¶ India has asked American and French nuclear companies to furnish details of functional reactors designed by them as proof of their efficacy. Sources said Westinghouse and EDF are still not ready with fully operational “reference plants”, a pre-requisite before a final General Framework Agreement could be signed with these entities. [News Nation]


¶ With just days left in the two-year term, the Michigan Legislature may be inching toward votes on what is billed as a comprehensive rewrite of state energy laws, legislation that Governor Rick Snyder has made clear is his highest priority. The bill would increase the amount of renewable power, but it has some heavy down sides. [Kansas City Star]

Wind turbine near Caseville, Michigan (Paul Sancya AP Photo)

Wind turbine near Caseville, Michigan (Paul Sancya AP Photo)

¶ According to documents obtained by Politico, Donald Trump’s transition team has asked the Energy Department to cough-up the names of any employees who have worked on President Obama’s climate initiatives, including all who have worked on the “social cost of carbon.” It looks like a witch hunt is already under way. [CleanTechnica]

¶ The state of Michigan has legalized self-driving vehicles. This means that manufacturers can now sell consumers vehicles that drive themselves all of the time. These vehicles don’t even have to feature steering wheels or brake pedals. The legalization was heavily backed by Uber, Lyft, Google, the Detroit 3, and Toyota. [CleanTechnica]

PTT MTV Preview

PTT MTV Preview

¶ Two new Oklahoma wind farms expected online early next year will help Google meet its goal of providing 100% of its energy needs from renewable resources as soon as they are generating power. The new Oklahoma wind farms are among nearly 1,700 MW of new renewable power the company has agreed to buy. [Tulsa World]

¶ Crawford, Murphy & Tilly, an engineering firm in Springfield, Illinois, is nearing completion of a $1.8 million rooftop solar PV system at its corporate headquarters. When it is completed early next year, more than 3,700 panels will generate about 400 kW of power, meeting 90% of the company’s annual demand. [The State Journal-Register]

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