October 4 Energy News

October 4, 2016


¶ “Quid Pro Quo In Environmental Politics” • Prime Minister Justin Trudeau wants British Columbia’s backing for a national carbon strategy. In return for her support, Trudeau is willing to endorse Premier Christy Clark’s plans for an LNG project that appears to be condemned by every scientist “not funded by the proponent.” [CleanTechnica]

Parliament (Photo by Alex Indigo, via Flickr, CC BY SA 2.0 License)

Parliament (Photo by Alex Indigo, via Flickr, CC BY SA 2.0)

¶ “Off-grid renewables: the sustainable route to 100% global electricity access” • World households without electricity pay 60 to 80 times as much as people in New York or London for the same amount of light. Exposure to smoke from wood-fired cook stoves cause more than 4 million premature deaths each year. There is an off-grid solution. [The Ecologist]


¶ At the beginning of the decade, Cape Verde authorities set a goal of getting 50% of its power from renewables by 2020. The country is already supplying 25% of the electricity consumed in Cape Verde from 30 wind turbines spread across its four largest islands. Now, it has moved its target of 100% renewable power up to 2020. [CleanTechnica]

Cape Verde (Photo by Hans Kreul, via Foter.com, CC BY-NC-SA)

Cape Verde (Photo by Hans Kreul, via Foter.com, CC BY-NC-SA)

¶ India’s largest power generation company, government-owned NTPC, is on track to complete one of the largest solar power parks in the country. NTPC is working on a 1-GW solar park in southern India. The company has already commissioned 250 MW at the solar park and is expected to commission the rest by March 2018. [CleanTechnica]

¶ The 88-MW Nojoli wind farm in South Africa’s Eastern Cape province has been connected to the grid. The project, developed by Enel Green Power South Africa is Enel’s first wind farm to start production in the country. Enel has nearly 1 GW of wind and solar PV projects currently in execution in South Africa. [Creamer Media’s Engineering News]

The Nojoli wind farm

The Nojoli wind farm

¶ General Electric Company, through its GE Renewable Energy business, has signed a turbine supply agreement with Max Bögl Wind AG to deliver and commission both the world’s tallest wind turbine and first ever turbine integrated with pumped storage hydro-electric power to deliver power when demand is high. [Windpower Engineering]

¶ The Paris Agreement on climate change is expected to meet all criteria to enter into force when the European Union submits its ratification papers to the United Nations on Wednesday. The European Parliament is expected to endorse the deal formally, after which it will submit official papers to the United Nations. [Scientific American]

Once formally approved by the Parliament, the global accord can go into effect. (Credit: Wikimedia Commons)

Once formally approved by the Parliament, the global
accord can go into effect. (Credit: Wikimedia Commons)

¶ A recent report claims radioactive contamination from the Fukushima Disaster accident has now spread across the entire Pacific Ocean, the massive body of water that covers nearly a third of Earth’s surface. Scientists now say the Pacific is at least five to 10 times more radioactive than it was when the U.S. began testing nuclear weapons there. [Triple Pundit]

¶ ABB has teamed up with Norwegian company Aibel to deliver high voltage grid links for the offshore wind sector. Under the tie-up, the Swiss engineering giant will focus on supplying HVDC technology while Aibel will take responsibility for the substation platforms. The deal is part of ABB’s ongoing Power Grids transformation. [reNews]

HVDC cable installation (Credit: ABB)

HVDC cable installation (Credit: ABB)

¶ Government support for the aging Borssele nuclear power station, the only nuclear power plant in the Netherlands, would have major financial risks attached, according to a report by consultancy Spring Associates. Keeping the plant open would only be profitable if electricity prices double, the report said. [DutchNews.nl]


¶ There are 80,000 dams in the US, and 97% do not produce electricity. There are only 2,500 dams that are actually retrofitted with hydropower. Of those 80,000, 54,000 more could be retrofitted at one MW or greater capacity, according to Oak Ridge National Laboratory. Upgrading and modernization is a low-hanging fruit. [Manufacturing.net]

Diablo Dam, generating power for Seattle (Image credit: Getty Images via GE Reports)

Diablo Dam, generating electric power for Seattle
(Image credit: Getty Images via GE Reports)

¶ There’s good news on the transit front from Atlanta. Atlanta travelers will enjoy one of the newest fleets nationwide, after using one of the oldest for years. Boosting ridership enhances urban development, and Atlanta is hoping that is the effect it will see. But that isn’t the only approach the transit authority is taking to achieve its goals. [CleanTechnica]

¶ South Carolina Electric & Gas and Santee Cooper have been unable to agree on payments with the contractor expanding their nuclear power plant. A resolution panel ordered them all to hash out the dispute. If they can’t reach a resolution by November 3, the board will review the case and issue its own decision later in November. [Charleston Post Courier]

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