August 28 Energy News

August 28, 2016


¶ “Backers hope nation’s first offshore wind farm will jump-start an
industry” • At 30 MW, America’s first foray into offshore wind power is modest compared with sprawling European developments. It will provide enough power for about 17,000 homes, but there is one truly momentous thing about it: It exists. [Yakima Herald-Republic]

The Block Island Wind Farm. Photo courtesy of Deepwater Wind.

The Block Island Wind Farm. Photo courtesy of Deepwater Wind.

¶ “Why Theresa May should plug the plug on the Hinkley Point nuclear power plant” • Britain’s new Prime Minister should understand what was clear to many. Courting Chinese investment was opening the doors to an undemocratic, expansionist regime, with an appalling human rights record, that has long been a strategic enemy. [This is Money]


¶ Over the last five years, French oil and gas giant Total has acquired stakes in solar giant SunPower and battery integrators Stem and Sunverge, and has bought a battery company called Saft. Eventually, these companies could create a vertically integrated renewable energy giant of the future, replacing big oil. [Motley Fool]

Total is investing in SunPower. SunPower image.

Total is investing in SunPower. SunPower image.

¶ India is planning to initiate work on several fronts to maximize the use of renewable energy at least cost possible. Officials of the Central Electricity Authority told media outlets that the central government is planning to set up 10 GW of pumped storage capacity across the country at a cost of₹80,000 crore ($12 billion). []

¶ Expansion of the global clean energy sector is the single most influential factor in fighting climate change. Around the world, now over eight million people are employed in the clean energy industry. In the US, more people now work in the solar industry than in oil and gas extraction. This is quite remarkable, given low oil prices. [Justmeans]

Moonrise at a wind farm. Image Credit: Flickr via "Caveman Chuck" Coker

Moonrise at a wind farm. Image Credit: Flickr via “Caveman Chuck” Coker

¶ The Indian Power Ministry is looking to engage Power Grid Corp to electrify 1,000 km of rail tracks on a pilot basis, as part of plans to energize 35,000 km of unelectrified lines. The electrification project will help the government cut down crude imports and also ensure faster movement of trains on these tracks. [Business Standard]

¶ Pakistan’s renewable energy generation sector attracted another $500 million investment, as local and international investors have approached the regulator, seeking generation licenses for 300 MW. Despite two years of crashing prices for oil, natural gas, and coal, renewable generating capacity is being expanded. [The News International]

Clean energy is attracting investment in Pakistan.

Clean energy is attracting investment in Pakistan.


¶ Tesla Motors moved a step closer in its bid to buy SolarCity after federal regulators said the $2.6 billion deal doesn’t present antitrust concerns. According to Reuters, the Federal Trade Commission quickly signed off “because the merging companies have few or no overlaps.” The deal was announced earlier this month. [89.3 KPCC]

¶ Over the past year, Belfast, Maine, has quietly become a leader among the state’s municipalities investing in renewable energy sources, and it’s done it so with a core tenet of renewable energy: use what you already have. The city is on a new track, and the reason has a lot to do a new assistant city planner. [Republican Journal]

A 115 kW solar array on a capped landfill at Belfast Maine. Photo by Ethan Andrews.

Solar array on a capped landfill at Belfast Maine. Photo by Ethan Andrews.

¶ Soon, residents of Sudbury, Massachusetts will have the option to buy electricity from an alternative supplier to Eversource, selecting “renewable generation.” At a Board of Selectmen meeting, an electricity aggregation plan was approved to be submitted to the Department of Public Utilities for approval. []

¶ The renewable energy vision former CEO David Crane had for NRG Energy may be taking shape just months after he was fired from his post. The utility is emerging as a leading bidder for assets held by bankrupt SunEdison, and if it can close on those assets, it could be a windfall for the company. [Motley Fool]


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