July 17 Enegy News

July 17, 2016


¶ In 2011, South Korea’s Gapa Island was selected for an energy self-sufficiency trial project. A total of 14.3 billion won ($12.49 million) was invested in the project. Two 250-kW wind turbines were installed, along with 174 kW of solar panels, and storage. The project saves a lot of money, but there is need for more storage. [The Hankyoreh]

Wind turbines on Gapa Island

Wind turbines on Gapa Island.

¶ Japanese utility TEPCO, whose nuclear plant in Fukushima suffered a meltdown after the 2011 earthquake and tsunami, has proposed the installation of a 1-MW power plant using a solar-diesel mix in Virac, the capital of the Philippine province of Catanduanes. Funding is sourced through a grant-in-aid program. [Catanduanes Tribune]

¶ By 2050, China hopes to lead efforts to build a $50 trillion global wind and solar power grid that would completely change how the world is powered. China hopes to connect wind farms in the Arctic Circle with solar farms on the Equator, in a system that will transcend national boundaries and provide clean energy everywhere. [Shanghaiist]

Image via World Economic Forum

Image via World Economic Forum.

¶ China may build mobile nuclear power plants in the South China Sea, state media reported, days after an international tribunal dismissed Beijing’s vast claims in the strategically vital waters. China has rapidly built up reefs in the sea into artificial islands in recent months, installing civilian and military facilities on them. [Times of India]

¶ The owners of a home in northern Scotland built their house to suit, on land with no mains electricity. The couple included solar-powered hot water and electricity, a wind turbine, and a biomass boiler. They are having an open house, on July 24, as part of a series of events across the UK aiming to showcase green homes. [Press and Journal]

Russell Quinlan at his home, near Fyvie.

Russell Quinlan at his home, near Fyvie.

¶ Germany’s RWE has solid funding until the end of the decade, its chief executive said, brushing aside concerns over its financial health. German utilities have had to rethink their strategies after the country decided to shut the country’s nuclear reactors by 2022. Instead, they are developing renewable power capacity. [Reuters Africa]


¶ Taking cues from Trump’s tirades, Republicans are ramping up the rhetoric against the EPA. A House Energy and Commerce Committee meeting was the latest venue for Republican ranting that climaxed in a condemnation of the Clean Power Plan as “un-American” and “overly burdensome on the American economy.” [CleanTechnica]

Ditching this is un-American. US National Park Service photo. Public domain. Wikimedia Commons.

Ditching coal is un-American. US National Park Service photo.
Public domain. Wikimedia Commons.

¶ Coal is looking at taking a starring role during the Republican national convention, as it gains greater support. The fossil fuel was included in the draft political platform ahead of this week’s convention in Cleveland. The draft platform includes a sentence in support of “clean coal,” an edit offered by a Texas delegate. [Washington Examiner]

¶ Birds and reptiles in fragmented habitat in the Southwest will be hit hardest by global warming in the decades ahead, according to a study by scientists with the US Geological Survey and the Northern Arizona University. The researchers did studies of approximately 30 animals. [Summit County Citizens Voice]

Global warming will take a toll on reptiles and birds in the Southwest. @bberwyn photo.

Global warming will take a toll on reptiles and birds
in the Southwest. @bberwyn photo.

¶ “Smart grid” technologies significantly reduce greenhouse gases and emissions from power production and usage. Together, smart grid and intelligent buildings mechanisms could reduce national carbon emissions by 12% by 2030, according to one estimate. But, surprisingly, the opposite can be true for an individual project. [domain-B]

¶ The first turbine of the largest wind farm in the southeastern US now stands above a North Carolina corn field. The other 103 to be erected in the roughly $400 million project will be built before the end of the year, according to a spokesman for Avangrid Renewables, formerly Iberdrola Renewables. [Virginian-Pilot]

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