July 4 Energy News

July 4, 2016

Science and Technology:

¶ Vestas has produced the initial kilowatt-hour from its multi-rotor wind turbine demonstrator in Denmark. The manufacturer said the milestone test site installation produced satisfactory results. The machine, which features four nacelles supported by a single tower, will continue to be put through its paces. [reNews]

Vestas multi-rotor wind machine. Vestas image.

Vestas multi-rotor wind machine. Vestas image.


¶ Households account for about 18% of total energy use in the Beijing region but produce 50% of black carbon emissions and 69% of organic carbon emissions, according to research by institutions including Princeton, the University of California Berkeley, Peking University and Tsinghua University. [Science 2.0]

¶ The European Bank for Reconstruction and Development said that in response to growing demand it has provided $110 million in new funds to Akbank to finance private companies investing in renewable energy and efficiency projects in Turkey. Its goal is to diversify Turkey from imported fuel. [Hurriyet Daily News]

Wind farm in Turkey

Wind farm in Turkey

¶ MRC Allied Inc is pursuing a $90-million solar farm in the Philippine province of Cebu to beef up its presence in the renewable energy sector. MRC’s president said the 60-MW solar facility will be put up in the company’s industrial estate in Naga City and will be financed solely by the company. [The Manila Times]

¶ Crookedstone Solar Farm provides 27% of the Belfast International Airport’s electricity. On its official launch day, there the sky was perfectly clear and the solar farm operated at 100% capacity. But even during the dullest of periods on the greyest of days, it is producing at 25%-30% of its capacity. [Irish Examiner]

Belfast International Airport and, inset, Crookedstone Solar Farm

Belfast International Airport and, inset, Crookedstone Solar Farm

¶ Technology developed at the University of Alberta helps save lives of Ugandan children using solar power. The oxygen delivery system has already been deployed at two hospitals and there are hopes to expand that to 80. The solar-powered set-up costs $15,000 to install, but costs almost nothing to run. [Edmonton Journal]

¶ Tamar Energy’s new anaerobic digestion facility in Hertfordshire will recycle up to 66,000 tonnes per annum of food waste, to generate up to 3 MW/h of renewable energy, enough to power more than 6,000 homes. It will also produce a valuable biofertiliser for agricultural use. [Bioenergy Insight Magazine]

Vehicle inside Tamar Energy's reception hall

Vehicle inside Tamar Energy’s reception hall

¶ As it became clear Japan’s nuclear regulators would allow extensions to certification of two ageing reactors, a former commissioner broke a silence kept since he left the agency in 2014 and said “a sense of crisis” over safety prompted him to go public and urge more attention to earthquake risk. [The Japan Times]


¶ Irish renewable energy developer BNRG has pledged $200 million to develop solar energy in the United States. Local developers in New England and Oregon have given BNRG the rights to develop 140 MW of utility-scale solar energy. The construction and installation are scheduled to begin next year. [Energy Digital]

BNRG has a significant presence in the UK, with other projects in Greece and Bulgaria.

BNRG has major presence in the UK, with projects in Greece and Bulgaria.

¶ South Carolina’s electric cooperatives are creating the largest network of community solar installations in the state, significantly expanding access to solar energy for their consumers. The initiative will add solar installations of up to 250,000 watts each, totaling up to 5 million watts statewide. [The Times and Democrat]

¶ More than $1.2 billion will go to upgrading aging hydropower projects in the Southeast, under an agreement signed by federal agencies, the Tennessee Valley Authority and an association representing customers. It aims to modernize projects along the Cumberland River over the next 20 years. [Electric Co-op Today]

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