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June 5 Energy News

June 5, 2016

Science and Technology:

¶ While Alaska’s boreal forest region is expected to see bigger wildfires that send up large amounts of carbon, and while permafrost will certainly degrade to some extent, other parts of Alaska are simultaneously expected to green up. This could make Alaska into a net carbon sink. [NDTV]

Alaska has 18% of the area of the US and 53% of the carbon.

Alaska has 18% of the area of the US and 53% of the carbon.


¶ Lord Mark Malloch-Brown, a former UK Minister and United Nations ambassador, urged companies of all sizes to take account of green issues. Speaking ahead of the Global Green Growth Forum in Copenhagen, he said businesses that fail to do so will face going out of business. [The Independent]

¶ A pioneering new green power device is set to be launched in the Firth of Forth this week. The tidal stream turbine is the brainchild of two Scottish engineers who believe it can offer an affordable and efficient way of harnessing the marine power to provide reliable energy. [Scotsman]

Capricorn Turbine prototype. Renewable Devices photo.

Capricorn Turbine prototype. Renewable Devices photo.

¶ India’s Ministry of New and Renewable Energy announced plans to set up 10 GW of renewable energy capacity through micro-grids of less than 10 kw, and mini-grids of larger size. The proposed plan will call for setting up small-scale solar, wind, hydro and biomass projects. []

¶ Over the last two years, considerable impetus has been given to reduce the overall carbon footprint of the Indian Navy. The focus has not only been on correcting its impact on the environmental footprint, but also to address the fundamental problems of efficiency and resilience. [New Kerala]

Indian Navy aircraft carrier INS Viraat. US Navy photograph. Public domain. Wikimedia Commons.

Indian Navy aircraft carrier INS Viraat.
US Navy photo. Public domain. Wikimedia Commons.

¶ About 293 hectares within the 625-hectare site of Ayala’s wind farm in the Philippines will once more grow lush. This is expected as AC Energy Holdings’ wind unit, North Luzon Renewables, enters the third year of its reforestation program in Barangay Caparispisan this year. [The Standard]

¶ Ireland is one of the few countries in the EU with no commercial solar industry, but this looks set to change in the very near future. ESB Networks, which connects power generators to the national grid, received two solar applications in 2014. Last year there were 329. []

Ireland has no commercial solar farms. Source: Flickr.

Ireland has no commercial solar farms yet. Source: Flickr.

¶ Environmentalists blasted the first reactor of Taiwan’s Number 1 nuclear power plant Sunday as a very dangerous facility, and said they will sue the premier for an offense against public safety after he revealed that he might allow the reactivation of the reactor. [Focus Taiwan News Channel]


¶ Vast amounts of trash have been washing ashore on Hawaii’s once-pristine beaches. The National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration has been trying to keep critical parts of the ocean clear of marine debris, but more keeps coming, much of it plastic, most carelessly tossed away. [CNN]

Hawaii's shorelines are littered with marine debris.

Hawaii’s shorelines are littered with marine debris.

¶ Falling commodity prices and slowing developing world economies have been hitting equipment manufacturer Caterpillar, resulting in three years of dropping sales, to $47.01 billion last year. For Caterpillar, microgrids now represent a needed avenue for growth. [Crain’s Chicago Business]

¶ The TVA’s Watts Bar nuclear Unit 2 generated electricity onto its power grid for the first time. Watts Bar Unit 2 is officially synced to the grid on June 3, and operators have begun an initial test run of generation equipment. Continuous full-power operation will come summer. [WATE 6 On Your Side]