April 18 Energy News

April 18, 2016


From talk to action: Signs of progress since the Paris climate talks • In December, 196 countries adopted the historic Paris Agreement on climate change. Since then, concrete steps have been made and examples of substantial progress that took place in 2015 are now coming to light. [GreenBiz]

Concrete results of the COP21 Paris are materializing.

Concrete results of the COP21 Paris are materializing.

Science and Technology:

¶ Researchers at the University of Bath have developed a fuel cell that can generate electricity from urine. Urine passes through the device, prompting a reaction within the bacteria which generates electricity which can then be stored or used to power electrical devices. [Bath Chronicle]

¶ The world can wean itself from fossil fuels in as few as ten years, with effort. Europe moved from wood to coal in Europe in 96 to 160 years, electricity took 47 to 69 years to become mainstream. But Ontario completed a shift away from coal between 2003 and 2014. [International Business Times]

Fossil fuels still generate a majority of the world's electricity. Reuters / Romeo Ranoco

Fossil fuels still generate a majority of the world’s electricity.
Reuters / Romeo Ranoco


¶ A meeting of the world’s leading oil exporters to discuss capping production has ended without agreement. Members wanted a deal that would freeze output and help stem the plunge in crude prices over the past 18 months, but they concluded that they need more time to consult. [BBC]

¶ Earlier this year, Oslo Airport Gardermoen became the world’s first airport to offer renewable jet fuel refined by Neste in its hydrant system. KLM Royal Dutch Airlines announced that it will launch a series of flights with a fuel blend consisting of Neste Renewable Jet Fuel. [Benzinga]

KLM image bank photo

KLM image bank photo

¶ E.ON will be partnering with IBC Solar for the rollout of its new “Aura” solar PV + energy storage product. The all-in-one smart energy package, Aura, will feature a Solarwatt energy storage system, a smart energy management app, and a tailored electricity tariff. [CleanTechnica]

¶ Costa Rica got 97.14% of it electricity from renewable sources in the first quarter of the year, according to the Central Nacional de Control de Energia (National Energy Control Centre). Hydro electric produced 65.2%, followed by wind with 15.6% and geothermal with 13.7% [Q Costa Rica News]

Santa Ana, Costa-Rica Wind Turbines. Photo sites.psu.edu

Santa Ana, Costa-Rica Wind Turbines. Photo sites.psu.edu

¶ Kenya plans to prioritize the construction of electricity transmission lines that will help in scaling up generation of renewable energy. Additional transmission lines will be constructed to produce 1,646 MW of geothermal and 630 MW of wind power in the next five years. [Coastweek]

¶ Japan’s Cabinet Office has announced a draft strategy for energy innovation. It set a goal of doubling conversion efficiency and lowering power generation cost of next-generation power to ¥7/kWh or lower to promote innovative greenhouse gas emissions reductions. [Japan Today]

¶ UK energy efficiency and renewable energy firm Anesco Ltd has completed a 4.2-MW solar farm in Derbyshire at a former coal disposal point. The solar facility, managed by Anesco, is expected to generate enough power per year to meet the needs of around 1,200 local homes. [SeeNews Renewables]

Oxcroft Solar Farm. Original image owned by Anesco

Oxcroft Solar Farm. Original image owned by Anesco

¶ New Delhi-based renewables developer Orange Renewable sealed a power purchase agreement with Solar Energy Corp of India Ltd for a 100-MW solar project. Orange Renewable will get an average power tariff of ₹4.43 ($0.066, €0.059) per kWh for a 25-year period. [SeeNews Renewables]


¶ As the Vermont Yankee nuclear power plant continues to decommission, so too does the process of notifying nearby communities in case of an emergency. The long-standing emergency planning zone will shrink on April 19, at which time it will end at the plant’s boundary. [Vermont Public Radio]

Vermont Yankee. Toby Talbot / AP File

Vermont Yankee. Photo by Toby Talbot / AP File

¶ US renewables developer SunEdison Inc has been preparing to file for bankruptcy protection. An unnamed source informed the Reuters news agency about this development, but pointed out that the timing of the bankruptcy filing had not been finalized. [SeeNews Renewables]

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