April 15 Energy News

April 15, 2016


Even Walker Can’t Stop Wisconsin Wind Energy • Amidst all the great news for windpower, Wisconsin has been notoriously late to the US wind energy party, despite its prime location in the wind-rich Upper Midwest. However, it looks like Wisconsin is on the cusp of a great change. [CleanTechnica]

US wind energy employment. MISO Energy image

US wind energy employment. MISO Energy image


¶ Panama’s president inaugurated the 215-MW Laudato Si wind farm in the city of Penonome. A local subsidiary of power generation company InterEnergy Holdings, was responsible for the project. The 86-turbine park could supply energy to over 125,000 households. [SeeNews Renewables]

¶ In March, 2016, around 60% of all automotive registrations in Norway were for electric or hybrid vehicles, the most recent figures from Dinside Motor say. There were 13,875 registrations in all. Of these, 2595 were EVs, 2042 were plug-in hybrids, and 3396 were conventional hybrids. [CleanTechnica]

Norwegian EVs. Image by ChrisHamby (some rights reserved)

Norwegian EVs. Image by ChrisHamby (some rights reserved)

¶ Australia should gradually shut down all coal-fired power plants by 2035 and put a “realistic” price on carbon to avoid severe economic shocks, a new report says. The Climate Institute report found delaying a move to clean energy would cause sudden job loss and drive up electricity costs. [9news.com.au]

¶ Plans for a 472-mile (760 km) electricity cable between the UK and Denmark have gone out to public consultation. If approved, the €2-billion ($2.25-billion) “Viking Link,” from Bicker Fen, Lincolnshire to Revsing, would enable import and export of power with mainland Europe. [BBC News]

The project would see a converter station built at Bicker in Lincolnshire. Geograph / Richard Humphrey

The project would see a converter station built at Bicker in Lincolnshire. Geograph / Richard Humphrey

¶ Solar equipment producer JinkoSolar has won rights to develop and build three solar PV projects totaling 188 MW in Mexico, under the country’s first electricity auction. The Mexican Government plans to invest $14 billion to add renewable power capacity of 6 GW between 2015 and 2018. [Power Technology]

¶ Japan’s greenhouse gas emissions fell 3.1% to three-year lows in the fiscal year ending March 2015, due to reduced demand and growing use of renewables, revised government figures show. It is first decline since the Fukushima Disaster closed nuclear power plants. [Thomson Reuters Foundation]

Solar panels near Nakai town, Kanagawa prefecture, Japan, March 1, 2016. Reuters / Issei Kato

Solar panels in Kanagawa prefecture, Japan. Reuters / Issei Kato


¶ MidAmerican Energy Company, based in Des Moines, announced plans to spend $3.6 billion on a wind turbine operation that would generate enough energy to power about 800,000 Iowa homes. Officials called the effort the largest economic development project in state history. [The Daily Nonpareil]

¶ New zoning proposed by the Planning and Development Department in South Portland, Maine, could encourage the use of solar power across the city. Systems that generate 20 kW or less, and meet other standards outlined in the ordinance, would be “permitted anywhere.” [The Forecaster]

¶ FirstEnergy officials announced today that the utility company will offer a limited number of its customers the option to buy 100% wind energy-generated power at the same price as its standard power. The program highlights FirstEnergy’s environmental achievements. [cleveland.com]

Wind turbines in Kansas. (AP file photo)

Wind turbines in Kansas. (AP file photo)

¶ Entergy will refuel its 728-MW Pilgrim nuclear reactor in 2017 and shut it down on May 31, 2019. Entergy had been considering shutting the unit as early as the spring of 2017, because the unit is losing about $40 million annually, but it has power contracts through May 31, 2019. [Platts]

¶ Local officials have given the go ahead for NextEra Energy Resources’ 150-MW Brady 2 wind project in North Dakota, where GE turbines will be the star of the show. NextEra proposes to install 174 GE turbines in total. with 80-meter hub heights. The estimated cost of Brady 2 is $243 million. [reNews]

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