July 10 Energy News

July 10, 2015

Science and Technology:

¶ Climate change is threatening the survival of bumblebees, significantly reducing the habitats in which they can survive, researchers say. Natural ranges are being compressed in Europe and North America. The analysis indicates that warming is having a greater impact than pesticides or land use change. [BBC News]

Across Europe and North America bumblebees have lost ground to climate change.

Across Europe and North America bumblebees are losing to climate change.


¶ EV sales are up in the UK. With over 14,000 electric cars sold in the UK in the first half of the year, the increase over the same period in 2014 is a whopping 350%. Brits registered a little more than 35,000 electric and hybrid cars in the first 6 months of 2015, representing approximately 3% of all new car sales. [CleanTechnica]

¶ The Caribbean nation of Belize is now aiming to go to 100% renewables, reports say. All of its electricity needs are to be met via renewable energy, and it’s transportation sector to fully embrace electric vehicles.The new goal is to get 89% of its electricity via renewables by 2033, with longer term goal of 100%. [CleanTechnica]

¶ France’s nuclear safety regulator told the BBC the flaw in the steel housing the reactor core at the nuclear plant being built in Normandy is “serious,” and he could stop the project unless he is satisfied with the plans to put it right. The collapse of the design would be a major blow to the so-called nuclear renaissance. [BBC]

¶ Total onshore wind installed capacity in Serbia will soar from just 20 MW in 2014 to an estimated 542 MW by 2025, according to research and consulting firm Global Data. Serbia is looking to wind as it aims to produce 27% of its energy from renewable sources by 2020, Global Data said in a statement. [SeeNews Renewables]

Author: MK Group. License: All rights reserved.

Author: MK Group. License: All rights reserved.

¶ Norwegian company Scatec Solar has signed an agreement with the Malian Ministry of Energy and Water and Electricité du Mali to build, own and operate West Africa’s first utility-scale solar power plant. The 33-MW solar power plant will be located near the ancient city of Segou in South-East Mali. [Renewable Energy Magazine]

¶ ABB Ltd has made a deal worth $25 with electrical transmission system operator RTE France, under which it will provide nine 400-megavolt ampere booster transformers to aid the regulation of power transmission voltage from four large-scale offshore wind projects across France’s Atlantic coast. [Zacks.com]


¶ SolarCity has completed two commercial solar systems totalling 644 kW at the rooftops of Walmart stores in El Paso, Texas. The installation was completed at no upfront cost for Walmart, which will pay only for the renewable electricity generated at the two sites through an off-take contract. [SeeNews Renewables]

¶ Minnesota Power, the state’s most coal-dependent electric utility, says it is idling and eventually retiring the Taconite Harbor power plant, a large power plant in Schroeder, Minnesota, on Lake Superior’s North Shore. The move will save money and reduce greenhouse gas emissions. [Minneapolis Star Tribune]

Photo by Dennis O'Hara, Minnesota Power 

Photo by Dennis O’Hara, Minnesota Power

¶ Tucson Electric Power is seeking to expand a popular new solar power program that provides fixed-price electric service using solar arrays installed on customers’ homes. The renewable energy plan includes a proposal to add up to 1000 new participants in the Residential Solar Program, tripling its size. [AZoCleantech]

¶ Hydroelectric power would become more important to Massachusetts under a proposal filed by the state’s governor. The bill submitted to the state Senate requires the state utilities to work with the Department of Energy Resources to pursue long-term contracts for bringing hydropower into the state. [GazetteNET]

¶ Duke Energy claims a pair of power plants burning natural gas in North Carolina’s Salisbury and Rockingham counties should get credit for burning biogas from swine waste in Missouri and Oklahoma. The NC Pork Council is upset that it will not use the contributions of a single hog in North Carolina. [News & Observer]

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