March 28 Energy News

March 28, 2015


¶ “Can This Utility Business Model Embrace Efficiency & Solar Without Sacrificing Revenue?” The utility would need to weave together various products, services, and financing tools seamlessly that had never been integrated, and do so while maintaining revenues similarly to traditional electricity sales. [CleanTechnica]


An impression of the turbines in situ at Glen Ullinish.

An impression of the turbines in situ at Glen Ullinish.

¶ In Scotland, Perth-based group Kilmac has been given the green light for a £55 million windfarm development on the Isle of Skye. Crofters, who have been working with Kilmac on the project, welcomed Highland Council’s decision to grant consent for the Glen Ullinish array, to be created on a picturesque site. [The Courier]

¶ A solar dream five years in the making has come to fruition at the University of Queensland’s Gatton campus. Taking advantage of the 2700 hours of sunlight the Lockyer Valley gets each year, the site’s 37,000 thin-film photovoltaic panels will produce 3.275 MW. It was put on an old airfield. [The Queensland Times]

¶ The Catholic bishops of Japan, which is still dealing with health effects from the Fukushima Disaster, have asked Pope Francis to warn against the use of nuclear power. Francis is known to be working on an encyclical, the highest form of teaching for a pope, that is to address environmental and ecological issues. [National Catholic Reporter]

¶ The Scottish government has granted £1.35 million in financing to a community renewable energy project in Orkney that combines two tidal and one wind turbine on the island of Eday. Surplus power will be used to produce compressed hydrogen, which will be transported to Kirkwall for use. [SeeNews Renewables]

¶ GE’s Distributed Power Business supplied 11 Jenbacher gas engines for a Romanian combined-heat-and-power project. The engines generate 42 MW of power and 38 MW of heat for the district heating system in the city of Brasov. They are part of Romania’s campaign to reduce emissions. [Diesel & Gas Turbine Worldwide]

Jenbacher engines.

Generators with Jenbacher engines.


¶ Seven Republicans joined all Senate Democrats in voting, 53 to 47, for an amendment to tie climate change to national security and call for action to cut carbon pollution and invest in efficiency and renewable power. The vote shows cracks in the wall of Republican opposition to action on climate change. [Huffington Post]

¶ Walmart has signed a 12-year power purchase agreement to purchase 80% of the expected output from the 50-MW Rocksprings Wind Farm near Del Rio, Texas for a period of 12 years. Walmart aims to obtain 7 million MWh of renewable energy by 2020, to offset 100% of their global electric consumption. [EIN News]

¶ The Georgia State Senate unanimously passed legislation that would allow for third-party ownership of rooftop solar power in the state. The bill, had passed the Georgia House of Representatives unanimously on February 9. It now heads to the desk of Republican Governor Nathan Deal. [Greentech Media]

¶ SunEdison, Inc, the world’s largest renewable energy development company, today announced an agreement to develop and install four solar power plants for the City of Long Beach, delivering a combined 2.5 MW of solar energy. The City of Long Beach is projecting $60,000 in savings during the first year alone. [PennEnergy]

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