March 13 Energy News

March 13, 2015


¶ Navigant Research has published a new report analysing the small and medium wind turbine market, with forecasts through 2023. It finds that China, the UK, and Italy lead globally, while the US is lagging well behind. Small and medium wind turbines are defined as those of less than 500 kW capacity. [CleanTechnica]

Wind turbine being assembled in Chile. Photo by Green Energy, from Wikimedia Commons.

Wind turbine being assembled in Chile. Photo by Green Energy, from Wikimedia Commons.

¶ Italy’s Enel Green Power SpA said Wednesday it has connected to the grid its 61-MW Talinay Poniente wind farm in Chiles Coquimbo region. The company installed 32 wind turbines to produce over 160 GWh a year, enough for nearly 60,000 homes in Chile. The plant operates under contracts awarded in 2013. [RenewablesBiz]

¶ The linked Quebec–California carbon market has shown advantages for cap-and-trade systems. The system’s second linked carbon dioxide auction sold 100% of available allowances, generating $1.02 billion for clean energy and emissions reduction projects, consumer bill relief, and government operations. [CleanTechnica]

¶ Kyocera Corporation, Energetik Solartechnologie-Vertriebs GmbH, and Solare Datensysteme GmbH have teamed up to offer an energy storage solution for residential use in Germany. The solution includes Kyocera’s battery storage system and Solare Datensysteme’s energy monitoring software and hardware. []

¶ Uruguay’s wind power output jumped 432.9% to over 700 GWh last year, driven by the installation of new plants, the local power market administrator said in its annual report. Excluding hydroelectricity, renewable energy supplies more than doubled year-on-year to 1,364 GWh and covered 13.2% of demand. [SeeNews Renewables]


A1 wind¶ In a refresh to its 2008 Wind Vision report, the DOE said the wind industry had demonstrated an ability to scale up and drive down costs, avoid causing grid disruptions, and not be too big of a pain in the neck to critters or communities – making 35 percent by 2050 “an ambitious but feasible deployment scenario.” [Breaking Energy]

¶ Local municipalities New York may soon receive more power to choose how their electricity is generated and distributed from available alternatives. A pilot program called “Community Choice Aggregation” was recently approved by the state Public Service Commission for New York State municipalities. []

¶ Of 52 requests for proposals in North America, totaling 3.3 GW of capacity, 27 were for solar and 12 were for energy-smart technologies including storage, according to a report from Bloomberg New Energy Finance. These requests are typically a strong indicator of industry trends, BNEF’s head of analysis says. [Bloomberg]

Cedar Bay Generating Plant (

Cedar Bay Generating Plant (

¶ Florida Power & Light filed with the Public Service Commission last week for approval to purchase the 250-MW coal-fired Cedar Bay Generating Plant near Jacksonville, Florida for $520.5 million. Though the plant is being run economically, FP&L is buying it to shut it down and eliminate its carbon emissions. [CleanTechnica]

¶ Entergy’s Louisiana utilities expect to need 8,000 MW of new generating capacity in the next two decades to replace about half of their aging power-plant fleet. They plan to rely almost exclusively on natural gas-fired generation to meet their capacity needs, according to papers filed with the state. [Argus Media]

¶ PJM, a regional authority that ensures reliable and low-cost power across the electric grid in 14 states, released economic analysis of the EPA’s Clean Power Plan. The report makes it clear that efficiency and renewables are the cheapest way forward. For Ohio, the report has particular significance. [Natural Resources Defense Council]

¶ Leelanau Township, Michigan, is finalizing its Renewable Energy Community Plan as it moves toward being 100% powered by wind and solar, with efficiency helping. It is one of a number of towns and cities that have done this or are in the process. The article links a web site tracking the progress of American communities. []

¶ Xcel Energy is adding 140 MW of PV solar energy to its Texas-New Mexico generation mix with an agreement to purchase the output of two planned solar developments near Roswell, New Mexico. The company expects to add the solar energy capacity in 2016 before federal tax credits end for new projects. [Seminole Sentinel]

¶ The Selectboard of Milton, Vermont, will be asked at its March 16th meeting to authorize contract negotiations with preferred vendor Sun Edison to construct two solar arrays on leased Town property. Over 20 years these arrays are expected to yield the Town over $2 million from a variety of benefits. []

¶ Hawaii is on track to pass legislation this year requiring the state to go 100% renewable by 2040. Committees in the House and Senate both unanimously recommended bills that would raise the state’s Renewable Portfolio Standard from the current target of 70% by 2030 to the ultimate goal of 100% by 2040. []

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