February 2 Energy News

February 2, 2015


¶ “The fossil fuel industry’s continued chokehold on state resources” – According to International Energy Agency (IEA) figures, in 2012 global fossil fuel subsidies amounted to $544 billion. On the other hand, the financial support provided to the renewable energy sector was under 20% of that, at $101 billion. [eco-business.com]

¶ “Renewable Energy Jobs Soar, But What Does It Mean for Investors?” – Here’s my nominee for stat of the day: The American economy added over 8 million jobs from January 2011 to June 2014. Yet despite the shale gas boom, the nation’s electric power generation sector lost 5,800 jobs in the same period. [Motley Fool]


¶ With six consented projects totalling up to 4.15 GW, the scale of ambition for Scottish waters is undeniable. Even so, the UK Government has been urged to provide policy certainty on offshore wind energy following news that the UK will be overtaken by Germany on the installation of new turbines. [Click Green]

¶ Renewable energy is still very much on the back-burner for the South African government, but a recent Council for Scientific and Industrial Research study says wind and solar energy saved around R3.7 billion ($327 million) that otherwise would have been used to generate of electricity with diesel and coal. [htxt.africa]

¶ The two largest German power producers, RWE AG and EON SE, are keen to sell their gas-fired plants, rendered uncompetitive by the rise of renewable energy on the one hand and record low coal prices on the other. They will take them apart, move them by truck and ship and reassemble them elsewhere. [BizNews]

¶ Good Energy, which specializes in providing 100% renewable power, confirmed today that as of April 15th it will cut its gas prices by an average of 3.2% and lower its electricity prices by an average of 2.1%. The company said the savings for an average dual fuel user would be £33 off their annual bill. [Business Green]

¶ SMart Wind has handed in its planning application to the UK authorities for the second phase of the 4-GW Hornsea offshore wind project. Plans for the 1.8-GW phase are built around a layout of 360 Siemens turbines installed 90 kilometers off the Yorkshire coast. The 1.2-GW first phase was approved in December. [Recharge]

¶ In order to curb pollution in the National Capital, Prime Minister Narendra Modi- led NDA government has approved plans to make Delhi free of petrol and diesel generators, according to the Power, Coal and Renewable Energy Minister. He also said a programme to transmit 7400 MW to Delhi has been approved. [indiatvnews.com]

¶ Instead of investing in expensive nuclear power plants, the Pakistani government should be working to develop sources of renewable energy, advised a panel of experts at a consultation held on Sunday in preparation for a public hearing over the environmental impact of proposed nuclear plants. [The News International]


¶ Solar City has a way to make solar installation easier for ordinary people to afford. They will provide and install all the equipment required with no up-front cost to get a household or business up and running. The consumer pays Solar City for the power that they generate, and Solar City maintains the system. [Irish Times]

¶ California State regulators have approved a Pacific Gas and Electric Company plan to offer a clean energy program that will provide up to 100% solar power for a modest monthly premium, for customers who want power with a low carbon footprint. The utility expects to start enrolling customers in late 2015. [SmartMeters]

¶ Independent solar PV developer 8minutenergy Renewables, LLC of Folsom, California, and renewable energy provider sPower, of Salt Lake City, Utah, announced that construction on three solar PV facilities in the 72.9 MW-dc Redwood Solar Farm cluster located in Kern County, California will begin in Q1, 2015. [solarserver.com]

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