January 26 Energy News

January 26, 2015

Weather Warning:

¶ Northeast residents are girding for a “crippling and potentially historic” storm that could bury communities from northern New Jersey to southern Maine in up to 2 feet of snow or more. A blizzard warning was issued for a 250-mile stretch of the Northeast, including New York and Boston, for Monday and Tuesday. [WXXI News]


¶ The Indian government is looking to set a target of 100 GW under its national wind energy mission. While the mission is being mulled for almost a year it could be launched within months, if not weeks. The plan is to add 10 GW per year of windpower for seven years, adding to the country’s current capacity of 22.5 GW. [CleanTechnica]

¶ Mahindra Group, a large Indian vehicle maker and industrial conglomerate, will treble its investments in solar energy this year. The group will have installed 180 MW of solar electricity by the end of its financial year in March and is now planning to add another 500 MW for itself and others in the following year. [Financial Times]

¶ News from the World Future Energy Summit and Abu Dhabi Sustainability Week is that GE is the latest in a number of high-profile companies to join the Sustainable Bioenergy Research Consortium. The consortium now consists of Masdar Institute, GE, Etihad Airways, Boeing, Honeywell UOP, and Safran. [CleanTechnica]

¶ The Bangladeshi government aims to provide electricity to all of the country’s households by 2021. It plans to generate 220 megawatts of electricity for around 6 million households by 2017 through the solar home system programme. Each solar home system will have a solar panel on the roof.

¶ The world’s largest oil exporter has chosen not to cut production, counting instead on lower prices to stimulate consumption, because consumption is declining, according to a former adviser to Saudi Arabia’s petroleum minister. The Saudis are watching investments in fuel efficiency and renewable energy. [Malay Mail Online]

¶ President Obama says that the United States and India have reached a “breakthrough understanding” that would make it a lot easier for U.S. firms and other folks abroad to invest in Indian nuclear energy plants. Indian law holds suppliers, designers and builders of plants liable in case of an accident. [National Review]


¶ North Carolina is forging ahead with plans to hop on the East Coast offshore wind energy bandwagon. It is not that the state’s lawmakers have any choice in the matter. The Interior Department is leasing large swaths of federal waters for offshore wind development, and North Carolina just happens to be included. [CleanTechnica]

¶ New figures show how steadily the solar industry has grown since 2008. According to preliminary numbers from Shayle Kann of GTM Research, America installed twenty-two times more solar in 2014 than in 2008. That includes both photovoltaics and concentrating solar power, tracked in AC terms. [Energy Collective]

¶ Gas and electricity prices spiked last winter in New England. So far, this winter is different. In December, wholesale electricity and natural gas prices were down 55% and 64% from last year, respectively. January saw some price increases on cold days, but much less than last year. [Foster’s Daily Democrat]

¶ Google has slowly been stepping out onto the energy scene with its acquisition of Nest Labs, its partial ownership of the Ivanpah solar array, and now, its Nest Rush Hour Rewards Program. Some may not realize why Google is branching out in this direction. Energy efficiency and home automation are taking off! [Energy Collective]

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