November 27 Energy News

November 27, 2014


¶   The 14th edition of Real Goods Solar Living Sourcebook has been published.Written first in 1982, John Schaeffer’s sourcebook has been regularly updated to meet the information demand of solar living and building enthusiasts. This 463-page book, published by New Society Publishers, does not disappoint. [Green Building Elements]

Science and Technology:

¶   September and October were the hottest months ever recorded, continuing the record-breaking streak that started in April and almost assuring that 2014 will be the warmest year ever. Canadian ocean surface temperatures for September, shown in the NOAA images, approached 4oC above normal. This is where the entire planet may be headed by the end of the century. [Energy Collective]


¶   Scotland has broken renewable energy generation records, producing 10.3 TWh of electricity in the first half of 2014 and overtaking nuclear as the country’s main source of power. The data also shows that nuclear accounted for 7.8 TWh, coal provided 5.6 TWh and gas-fired electricity generation produced 1.4 TWh during the same period. []

¶   The British government views marine energy developments as a cornerstone of a low-carbon economy despite industry setbacks. The British Energy Secretary said  tidal energy accounts for only a tiny fraction of global power, but is expected to expand more than tenfold by 2040, with much of the new generation within the European Union. []

¶   A waste to biofuels plant operated by Enerkem in Northern Canada is the first in the world to transform solid waste into biofuels and chemicals. The waste is heated and converted into a gas, then changed into liquid methanol, which is then used in the production of local products, including windshield wiper fluid and gasoline. []

¶   Gamesa has signed an agreement with wind farm developer Exus Management Partners for the turnkey construction of a 50-MW facility in northern Portugal. Gamesa will provide transportation, installation and commissioning of eight of its G97-2.0 MW turbines and 17 of its G114-2.0 MW model at the Pisco wind farm. [Renewable Energy Focus]

¶   Belectric and Vattenfall cut the ribbon for a new battery storage facility at the Alt Daber solar power plant in Germany. The solar plant went live in 2011. Now, thanks to a battery storage system, the PV plant can not only generate power but also provide operating reserve power just like a conventional power plant. [pv magazine]


¶   Renewable energy in the United States could take a significant leap forward with improved storage technologies. But an alternative is to “match” different forms of alternative energy systems in hybrid systems, with one form of renewable energy ramping up while another is declining to provide an even electric supply. [AZoCleantech]

¶   Vega Biofuels, Inc announced it has entered into a joint venture to build and operate a manufacturing plant in Allandale, South Carolina to produce a product called Bio-Coal. Bio-Coal has a high energy density of up to 13,000 BTUs/Lb and meets the Renewable Portfolio Standards and Renewable Energy Credits in the United States. [SteelGuru]

¶   Opponents of a new natural gas power plant planned near San Diego are petitioning California’s Supreme Court to intervene. The project was deemed necessary because of the early retirement of the San Onofre nuclear plant, but its opponents say sufficient power resources already exist to serve the needs of the San Diego area without it. [U-T San Diego]

¶   By 2050, the technology will likely be available to provide 80% of the country’s electricity from wind, solar and other renewable sources. In the era to come, much of the power will be generated on rooftops and in backyards. Many people will feed power back into the grid, a two-way system that changes the energy landscape dramatically. [The Weather Channel]

¶   Public Service Co of New Mexico will add another 40 MW of utility-scale solar to the grid in 2015 after state regulators approved the company’s renewable energy procurement plan for next year unanimously. PNM will construct new solar PV facilities in Central New Mexico next year at a cost of $79.3 million. [Albuquerque Journal]

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