March 17 Energy News

March 17, 2013


¶   The Indian Ministry of New and Renewable Energy is planning 30,000 MW of renewable power for the time of 2012 to 2017. [Press Information Bureau]

¶   The Bank of America is talking about putting put $50 billion up for support of the renewable energy sector in Bangladesh. [Financial Express Bangladesh]

¶   Abu Dhabi has opened a 100 MW concentrated solar plant, increasing its solar output by a factor of ten. [Businessweek]

¶   A new UK tax on gas and coal-fired power stations will increase profits for wind farms. []

¶   The CEO of Areva has been lobbying the European Commission for support for new nuclear stations while demanding cuts in both renewable energy subsidies and aid for poor people needing fuel. [The Independent]

¶   The decision to build a nuclear plant in Somerset will be announced March 19. The costs are believed to include an unbreakable contract for construction and power at double the current rate. []

¶   Windfarms do not cause illness, other than the alarm spread by opponents, an Australian study has found. [The Guardian]

¶   The record for the most radioactive fish found near Fukushima Daiichi has been broken once again. [Times LIVE]


¶   Clean Line Energy Partners wants to build a $2 billion, 500-mile high-voltage transmission lines to move wind-generated electricity from Iowa to Chicago. [Sioux City Journal]

¶   The 10th Circuit Federal Court of Appeals rejected a challenge by the energy industry attempting to force the Secretary of the Interior to issue oil and gas leases on public lands in Utah and Wyoming. [Kansas City infoZine]

¶   Wisconsin is missing out on a wave of solar power development that’s going on around the country. Wisconsin utilities seem to want to make sure that continues. [MENAFN.COM]

¶   Cleanup at the Hanford nuclear reservation is mired in arcane issues, slowing things down for years and costing billions. []

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