October 26 Energy News

October 26, 2012


¶   Fish taken off Fukushima are still contaminated. This implies the plant is still leaking radioactive material into the ocean. [CNN]

¶   Fukushima Daiichi is running out of room to store radioactive waste water. [Newser]

¶   Japan is starting to work in the area of offshore wind power. [The Japan Daily Press]


¶   The government of India is looking at fusion as a way to generate power. [Forbes India]

¶   China is failing to develop wind resources because of transmission grid monopolies. [Utility Products]


¶   The California Public Utilities Commission has decided to investigate the outage at San Onofre with a view to determining whether it is right for rate payers to pay for the plant when it is not supplying power. [Los Angeles Times]

¶   The NRC takes no interest in the fact that a fracking well is near a nuclear power plant. [RT]

¶   The era of cheap natural gas is very likely coming to an end soon, according to an expert at Chevron. Fracking gives us access to plenty of fuel, but it will be expensive. [Live Trading News]

¶   Solar energy is good to go, but the US is not ready for it. This is partly because big, investor-owned utilities that provide about 85 percent of America’s electricity see solar as both a technical challenge and a long-term threat to their 100-year-old profit models. [Businessweek]

¶   Important market investors and managers are urging immediate extension of the production tax credit for renewable energy. The credit is set to expire on December 31. [Environment News Service]


¶   A federal U.S. District Court judge dismissed Entergy’s lawsuit against the state of Vermont for imposing a higher generating tax for power from the Vermont Yankee Nuclear Power plant. [vtdigger.org]

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