August 31 Energy News

August 31, 2012


¶   The Japanese Ministry of Economy, Trade and Industry is promoting development of low-cost, high-efficiency technologies to convert electricity generated by renewable energy sources into hydrogen. Hydrogen can be stored, transported, used as a fuel, or used as a feedstock for fuels or chemicals. As a fuel or fuel feedstock, it can be used with solar or wind for load leveling.  [The Denki Shimbun]


¶   Italy now has more electricity supplied by solar than by wind.  Over 25% of all electricity generated in Italy is from renewable power. []

¶   Moray Offshore Renewables Ltd has submitted plans for what would be the largest wind farm on Earth, in the Moray Firth.  At a cost of £4.5 billion, it would power a million homes in 2020. Donald Trump is objecting loudly. [Edinburgh Evening News]

¶   Cracks found in the Doel Unit 3 reactor have caused inspections of the reactors built by Rotterdam Drydock Company because they are assumed to be manufacturing flaws. Nuclear Physicist Nils Bøhmer, general director of Bellona Foundation, believes the cracks are a result of the radioactivity in nuclear reactors, are an indication of age, and will occur in all reactors, in time. [Bellona]


¶   The NRC has denied a license for the Calvert Cliffs 3 reactor. The reason is that the reactor is owned by a French company, and US law requires a majority share be US owned. [The Associated Press]

¶   The US corn crop has been hit badly enough by the drought that it is severely impacting the ability to make ethanol for gasoline. [EIA – Today in Energy]

¶   Coal is becoming less important in western states of the US, and carbon emissions are being reduced, as old coal plants are being replaced by natural gas and renewable power sources. [Denver Post]

¶   US Insurance companies are being advised, in a Forbes editorial, to rethink rates based on increasingly bad weather accompanying global warming, and encouraged customers to adopt climate-change mitigation plans. [Forbes]

¶   A cost benefit analysis is underway for reactors at San Onofre. [KPBS]

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