June 16 Energy News

June 16, 2012


LCD makers may begin to switch to manufacturing solar cells. The result could be a price reduction to 30¢ per watt. [Article in Bloomberg]


Prime Minister Noda says he wants to reduce Japan’s dependence on nuclear power. [Article in euronews]

Prime Minister Noda has ordered the restart of two Ohi Reactors. [Article in the New York Times]

Ruiko Muto lives a Thoreau-like life in a rural setting in Fukushima Prefecture.  She is a bit of a hermit, making grass tea and acorn curry, and reading by an oil lantern.  Now she is an important voice of the Fukushima protest movement. [Article in Asahi Shimbun]


Geothermal energy could provide all the domestic heat and about 20% of the electricity for the United Kingdom. [Article in Electric Light and Power]

The British Energy Secretary says the U.K. is committed to its renewable power goals. [Article in iStockAnalyst]

The Natural Resources Defense Council has released a scorecard ranking G20 nations and their commitment to clean energy development.  We refrain from comment on how the US does. [Article in EnergyBoom]


The U.S. military wants to get 3 gigawatts of renewable generating capacity, and is willing to deal creatively to get it. [Article at AOL Energy]

Entergy has postponed an emergency drill at Pilgrim.  Striking members of the plant’s union say this is an indication of Entergy’s valuing profits above safety of workers and the community. [Article in the Boston Globe]

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