If it’s not Sustainable, its Condition is Terminal.

June 13, 2021

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§ The most recent reported status of US nuclear power plants can be found at the US Nuclear Power Report, a distressingly dull account of NRC news, posted on non-holiday weekdays and Saturdays. As of June 11, out of 95 US-licensed power reactors (including two reactors at Indian Point that have been closed down), 5 were at reduced output and 7 not operating.

§ Video: Energy Week #422 – 6/10/2021: Buying a Tesla police car saved a lot of money for Westport, Connecticut. Ørsted plans to put $57 billion into renewables. Texas passed a law to winterize energy infrastructure. Climate change is a threat to Maine’s blueberry crop. Atmospheric CO₂ reached 419 ppm for May, the highest in four million years. And there is more.

§ You can get a copy of the latest Green Energy Times, the June 2021 edition, by downloading the pdf file HERE.

3 Responses to “If it’s not Sustainable, its Condition is Terminal.”

  1. Just saw you post your Blog at Enenews. What a wonderful Resource!! Thanks GeoHarvey! Whoopie

  2. g fv Says:

    Mr Harvey,
    Are we not mistaken. It is my understanding that Kewaunee is now operating under decommissioning funds no longer from operating funds…
    Thus, albeit I may be mistaken, we have 102 Reactors and decreasing… as I write…

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