If it’s not Sustainable, its Condition is Terminal.

January 28, 2020

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§ The most recent reported status of US nuclear power plants can be found at the US Nuclear Power Report, a distressingly dull account of NRC news, posted on non-holiday weekdays and Saturdays. As of January 28, out of 97 US-licensed power reactors (including Three Mile Island, which has been closed down), 10 were at reduced output and 1 not operating.

§ Video: Energy Week #355: 1-23-2020: Microsoft says it will draw down all its historic emissions. The only US uranium producer laid off a third of its workers. The Kids Climate Case was thrown out of an appeals court. Forest losses in Australia may be irreversible. The world’s biggest windfarm will be over five times as big as the biggest now running. Scotland’s electricity will be 100% renewable this year. And there is more.

§ You can get a copy of the latest Green Energy Times, the January 2020 edition, by downloading the pdf file HERE.

3 Responses to “If it’s not Sustainable, its Condition is Terminal.”

  1. Just saw you post your Blog at Enenews. What a wonderful Resource!! Thanks GeoHarvey! Whoopie

  2. g fv Says:

    Mr Harvey,
    Are we not mistaken. It is my understanding that Kewaunee is now operating under decommissioning funds no longer from operating funds…
    Thus, albeit I may be mistaken, we have 102 Reactors and decreasing… as I write…

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